4 years of Growth and Change with YL

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4 years ago I said…I will order “this oil set and diffuser”….I had no idea what I was getting into??? Now here I am… so CHANGED! I am more confident I am a better listener I am developing better communication skills I am a leader of a team I am learning a lot about people I am more aware of … Read More

Six Reasons to use your YL account!

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 I know this is LONG but I PRAY you will read to the END! There is something in it FOR YOU!   I have observed that some establish a Young Living wholesale account and when they run low they purchase their oils and products elsewhere.   Here are SIX REASONS to purchase your products from the Young Living account you … Read More

12 YL supplements I use daily.

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In today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult to buy or grow food with all the nutrients that our bodies need. It is so sad that our water, air, and soil have become so polluted and devitalized that even the food grown in the best soils does not contain the same nutritional value that it did even 10 years ago. … Read More

Top 5 Supplements

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Dietary supplements – in my book, they’re essential health-boosters that can help fill in nutritional gaps and protect your body against the occasional diet slip-up. While they won’t make up for a bad diet, think of dietary supplements as your nutritional pit crew, standing at the ready to make those quick adjustments, tweaks and fixes to your internal engines and … Read More

Top 20 oils that should be in every home

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The #1 Young Living Essential Oil that Should Be In Every Household #1 THIEVES This legendary formula has been the key ingredient to many of Young Living’s favorite products including: toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, and a variety of household cleaners. Thieves® Essential Oil is a blend that brings together five essential oils to create a powerhouse combination. D. Gary Young has … Read More

Why Essential Rewards?

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This is why I am on the Young Living Essential Rewards program. You see everything on the right I use in my house anyway… so I get them on my ER and then everything on the left was 100% free by using my points and monthly product promotion. This is called REPLACEMENT SHOPPING : Let’s be more specific.  This is … Read More

Happy Freedom Anniversary

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Happy Freedom Anniversary to MEEEEE!!!! Today marks the day that I: ✅ chose to move forward in my life ✅ no longer accept my misery as a unavoidable fact of my reality ✅ realized that just because everyone I’d ever known had travelled the traditional path…I didn’t have to… ✅ decided that no employer paid me enough to treat me … Read More

Are all oils created equal?

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ARE ALL OILS CREATED EQUAL? I had a dream last night and this morning I cannot get it off my mind. It is too long to tell the whole dream here but it had to do with the dangers of fake/synthetic/adulterated essential oils.   I see oils being sold now in grocery stores and gas stations. It seems everyone is … Read More

My Journey to Silver

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Both challenging and rewarding

As many of you know I reached the rank of Silver in Young Living in Nov of 2017. I would like to share my journey with you to encourage and inspire you. I established my wholesale account with Young Living in Feb of 2014. I drove 6 hours to WY to attend my first Essential Oils 101 class because my … Read More

FREE GIFTS between Nov 1st and Dec. 31, 2017

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Learn how you can get FREE Gifts between Nov 1st. and Dec 31, 2017 Book “Now What?” to get you off on the right foot with essential oils. Essential Oil Desk Reference “Pamper You” basket filled with Young Living goodies. PREMIUME STARTER KIT worth $160 watch the video