Should You Use Young Living’s Official Blog for your Blog Posts?

Should you use Young Living’s official blog for your own blog posts?

This is a question we receive periodically and I can understand why. Young Living’s blog is informative and fun.  In this short article, I’m going to explain a few things so it makes better sense why we don’t offer this integration.


Conversion-Rate-GraphicDesigned to Convert a Curious Prospect into a Member

Your marketing website is designed for people who are curious about Young Living and might want to sign up. We understand that you also like to keep your new customers educated via your site, but that is not the main purpose.

As in any network marketing situation, where you get paid when someone buys, it is very important to keep your site visitor within your website until he feels educated enough to make a buying decision. You must keep all chances for the site visitor to be taken away from your website to a minimum.

Anytime a visitor is taken away from your website (to your social media sites or anywhere actually), you take a giant chance that they will not be back to your site due to distractions, overwhelm or even confusion and many won’t even know how to get back.

And guess what – they don’t really care, because remember, most have no idea you will get a commission if they signup!

Bottom line:  You take a giant chance you will lose that sale forever if the visitor leaves your website, for any reason.



18849663-3d-human-in-warning-pose-don-t-do-itBig Reasons Not to Do It
  • Young Living’s blog has a lot of links in it that will lead your visitors away from your website (into the big corporate site).
  • When a prospect gets to the big corporate site you stand a BIG chance that many of them will get quite overwhelmed.
  • Young Living captures leads from their corporate blog. This means they offer visitors a way to sign up for their blog (with a popup).
  • That may sound very nice, however, your visitor likely doesn’t understand that you get paid for them signing up.
  • If they sign up for YL’s blog, they will be getting communication (blog posts) straight from corporate.
  • Again, that sounds awesome, except later when they decide to sign up, you can bet they won’t remember your website or your member ID.
  • You have lost that sale.

Young Living’s official blog is a wonderful tool for you to ensure your new customers signup to receive, but this is not good for prospects/site visitors, at all.


If You Really Want to Use Their Content on Your Blog
  • You are able to do a copy & paste of periodic blog articles that you really want to share.  You need to ensure you give credit back to their blog with a link to the original article (always risky as mentioned above, but ethical practice).
  • You will need to completely REMOVE the product links.


Original Content is Always Best

Of course, because of the way Google handles indexing websites, original content will ensure that your website comes up first in searches.