Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Avoid This Mistake and Get More Sign-Ups

Posting about Young Living Essential Oil products or things about the company to social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Here is why it is crucial that you NEVER post a graphic, anything about oils or Young Living to your Facebook (or other social sites) without a link back to your own YLDist Young Living website.

See, when you post exciting or educational Young Living things to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook which then entices someone, and you don’t link the post back to your website, they have no option but to go find Young Living dot com to learn more.  This sounds fine in theory; however, this is where that action goes wrong very quickly.

It is a fact that most folks have no idea what MLM or Network marketing is all about and they have no idea how important it is that they use your distributor number.  It is highly likely that they may very well forget there was a distributor number on the graphic that enticed them.  See, most wouldn’t think twice about your number, because most people are not concerned with who is going to get a commission – unless they are personal friends or relatives who already know to sign up with your distributor number.

So you end up enticing them with fabulous information and off they go to Young Living’s website where they will then spend time, hopefully decide to enroll, click on the check mark “no body referred me” and sadly they are lost to you.  This is why you should never entice them without a link to your own YLDist Young Living website where they can remain connected to your distributor number throughout the whole enlightening process.

Your YLDist Young Living website is a very well designed and engineered site that controls the prospects through the purchasing education pathway and ensures when they decide to buy (with clicking on the BUY NOW or one of the PSK links) they are automatically connected to your distributor number and they don’t have to think or worry with it.

The other day I went to a Young Living Independent distributor’s Facebook page who is also a YLDist Young Living website owner.  I scrolled though post after post of awesome YLEO information and graphics and sadly absolutely none of them linked back to their YLDist Young Living website – none!  In fact, none of the posts lead the observer to more information at all.  This is a tragic marketing disaster for this distributor!

I have also found where folks, who are using YLSocial to post to their Facebook business page on their behalf, are losing massive opportunities to get interested traffic to their YLDist Young Living website.  It is so easy to go in and edit the posts to simple include a link back to their own YLDist Young Living website and this should be done for each post.  I have seen these examples so often that it inspired me to write this blog post and hopefully educate and help others avoid these serious social media marketing mistakes.


So remember that a very basic action to getting traffic to your site and successfully capitalizing on the power of social media for marketing – all starts with you ensuring that you put your YLDist Young Living website link/URL in every single social media post about oils.

Oh and don’t forget to put your web address on business cards and always have a card handy for those personal encounters.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR –  Spanning the past 24 years, Meshell Little has been very successful in network marketing.  She has built several large and lasting organizations in MLM and has created success in others along the way.  She has learned that helping others succeed is the only way one can truly succeed in network marketing.