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Hi, I'm Tessa. I am a wife, a mom to a sweet little girl who has sensory processing disorder, a pet momma, a licensed veterinary technician, entrepreneur, gardener wanna be, struggling cook, essential oil fanatic, a quilter, artist newbie, obsessed with the plant based life style, and lover of most of the country life.

I believe in working hard, having fun, making your life your own, owning up to your decisions, thinking for yourself, and digging in the dirt…with gardening gloves on. (Dirts ok, the worms however are not my favorite.) We live in the beautiful state of Virginia where we enjoy the country life style, a must for our nature loving daughter.

My journey as a mom began way before our beautiful girl was born in 2012. Infertility and other unknown health concerns lead us down the difficult path of adoption. When my husband and I were finally blessed with her arrival, the next chapter in my journey began. Enter stay at home mom.

My desire to be a contributing family member lead me down several roads. The first one a creative journey. I loved to sew and this was a logical and fun option for me. I started a very small, in home business, called Plum Papaya, where I created super soft and snugly creatures and critters, while my daughter napped. I sewed on the dining room table (the sewing room is right next to hers and I did not want to wake her) and I made just under 100 creations that went special little ones. Unfortunately, one day those naps stopped and she was way to busy to allow me to time to sew. While this road was a short, I learned a lot of things that would lead me to bigger and better things.

I began to have some health problems, with no real diagnosis other then I fell outside of the box for most health care professionals and I would just have to deal with it. While I prefer to be different, it did take quickly take me down the path of being healthier. While my husband and I enjoyed our food and didn’t exercise much, other then chasing after our daughter and walking the dogs. We were firm that our daughter would eat better and learning the right “ways.” But even with these changes, she kept catching all the germs and then last almost 3 weeks! I really did not want to be “that” mom that brought the sick kid to all the play dates. I was definitely on the mom struggle bus.

Insert crazy researching momma and enter essential oils. I had used them before and they didn’t help. Turns out having the right help, using them properly, and knowing that all essential oils are not created equal, is pretty important. So I took the plunge with a friend and invested in a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living Essential Oils. And it turns out essential oils are my thing. They give me all the things that I loved about being a Licensed Veterinary Technician, but allowing me to be at home with her. They allowed me to connect with friends, family, and make new friends. I researched and learned all that I could and then focused on educating others on how to safely use their oils. Now I’m known as that crazy oil lady with a passion for safety for all the members of the family, pets included!

While I was reducing toxins left and right, our daughter suddenly became the special needs kid and I became “that mom.” I felt alone, my emotions out of whack, and I was dealing with more stress then I knew what to do.

Enter my creative outlet. Everyone needs something. Oils were awesome but I need more. In walks Art. A friend turned me on to painting and I fell totally in love it and will forever be grateful. This site is the my next step in my journey called life. My need to help others by blogging, creating, educating, and sharing. I AM THAT MOM that wants to share her crazy life as a sensory processing disorder/ADHD mom, a wife, a pet momma, an oil lover, an artist; who is walking the dairy free, gluten free, sometimes vegan lifestyle on the road to healing her gut, body, mind, and soul. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and find something that helps you on yours!

The best time for new beginnings is now, Tessa

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