Crock Pot Apple Butter

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We are well into apple season here and I have been busy making all things apples.  One of our favorite recipes, is Apple Butter.  There are always jars of this available in the freezer for eating or gifting. Lots of fond child hood memories around apples.  My dads apple pie, apple butter, apple picking, apple sauce, apples with peanut butter, and apples for eating.  So many choices of ways to use apples, but hands down my dads apple pie was amazing.  Unfortunately the recipe didn’t get passed along before he passed away.  The filling recipe I have tweaked,perfected, and love.  Sadly he was good at home made crust too.  I unfortunately did not inherit this gene.

We used to buy pre made apple butter at road side stands or fairs.  Nothing better then apple butter on an english muffin, hmm I can taste it now.   I had no idea how much sugar went in to each of those bites of goodness and boy they were good.  As a family now, we still enjoy that goodness but in a much healthier version.

My daughter has a little bit of apple butter every morning on her gluten free waffle, except for the days well she eats oatmeal.  We save real maple syrup for pancakes.   White sugar in our home totally makes for an extra crazy day in our Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) household.  After months of tracking, I know which kinds of sugars make are days a little harder and avoid them at all costs.  Raising a 4.5 year old is hard enough, why make it harder.

Store bought apple butter contains tons of white sugar, which is on our list of don’t use if you can avoid it.  I set to the drawing board a couple years ago to find a recipe that didn’t contain it, turns out that was much harder then I thought it would be.  After much tweaking, I am very proud of my Apple Butter recipe.  Its healthier, contains no white sugar, so easy to make (hello crock pot), and tastes delicious!  My daughter had a farmers market brand recently asked me why it tasted yucky.  She likes her sweets like her momma but this tasted funny to her and she wanted my apple butter (to magically appear from my purse.)  A total mommy win in my books.

The Perfect Jar of Apple Butter


Crock Pot

Immersion Blender

Mason jars


     ingredients watermarked   set up prior to peeling


10 Medium-Large Apples (approx 6.5 lbs)

1/3 cup Organic coconut sugar

1/4 cup or 3 trickles of  Local Honey or Agave Nectar

2 tsp – 1 Tablespoon organic ground cinnamon

2 drops Young Living Nutmeg Essential Oil (Order Here)

1 drop Young Living Clove Essential Oil

1/4 tsp Salt (I like Pink Himalayan salt)

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract


Peel, Core, and slice apples.  I tend to use a variety of sweet and tart apples.  Pick from many of the varieties out there, choosing the ones you and your family enjoy the most.

cutting     cut apples

Add apples to Crock pot plus all the other ingredients listed accept the Vanilla Extract. Cinnamon is to taste, we love cinnamon and use about 3/4 tablespoon of ground cinnamon.  If I’m low I will use Young Living Cinnamon bark essential oil (1-2 drops) with 2 tsp ground cinnamon.   I prefer to use all ground cinnamon in this recipe as it helps add your classic apple butter color.  I find adding the honey or agave nectar tricky. If you are like me and hate to put sticky stuff in a measuring cup and then have to clean it out later, use the trickle method.  Either a spoon (because those are lick-able) or with a squirt top, trickle in a zig zag pattern back in forth across your apples approximately 3-4 times.

Once all your ingredients have been added, stir using a metal or wooden spoon. No plastic spoons when using essential oils.

nutmeg    clove

Set Crock pot on low and place lid.  I always do this recipe at night time so I can wake to that amazing apple-cinnamon smell in the morning.   Definitely no cases of the grumps on apple butter mornings.

10 hours later, stir your apples, breaking them down slightly so your mixture is a combo of smooth and chunky, add your Vanilla Extract, stir again, and replace lid.  Cook on low for 2 more hours.

after overnight   adding vanilla

Using your immersion blender, blend your mixture until well blended (careful not to splatter, its hot!) At this step if your apple butter is a little watery, continue to cook on low in the crock pot with the lid off until desired consistency is met.  I find this varies on the kinds of apples I’m using, some are more juicy then others.  Some days its perfect, other days i have to cook for 1-2 more hours.  Be sure to stir every 30 minutes while the lid is off.  As it thickens you may see bubbling or even worse it could burn.

immersion blender   14826439_1563057763721505_783050985_n

Add mixture to mason jars, leave a little gap at the top, let cool slightly before adding lid. The heat from the apple butter will aid in sealing your jar.   I like to use a small or medium size.  Ideal for storage and/or perfect for gift giving.  Little 4 oz jars of this would make great teacher, co-worker, and family gifts.

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Serve on your choice of bread, crackers, or fruit.  This recipe is fantastic on cream cheese served with crackers.  Freeze extra jars for eating or gifting later.

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Printable recipe card:

Apple Butter recipe card

Printable labels:

 Use Avery labels #22807