Empty Bottles, now what?

Tessa BowersEssential Oils

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

That fateful moment when your favorite Essential Oil is empty.  Or is it? While you are no longer getting drops of oil out of the bottle there are actually still several drops left.  You have a couple of options on how to use those drops.

1.  You can leave those drops there and top off with your favorite carrier oil and continue to use your favorite oil (just don’t diffuse it since it has a carrier in it.)  

2.  You can add other oils to make your own favorite DIY blends to support your body.  Then just add a Young Living AromaGlide roller fitment to it and roll and go!

3.  Let me share with you my favorite to squeeze those last bits of goodness out.  

Not only do you get to enjoy the last drops of your favorite oils, you also get some amazing epsom salts out it too!  And the bonus is you will probably have more then enough to jar for your self and to make up for some gifts.  They would make great teacher gifts, a gift for a friend that is having a hard time, a co-worker who just can’t seem to catch a break and needs some immune support, or even better a gift because you care; your options are really quite endless.  

Materials & Ingredients

  • A bowl big enough to hold your empty bottles & salts
  • Epsom Salts (i get mine from Costco but looks like this)
  • One or more “empty” Young Living Essential oil bottles
  • Plastic wrap or towel depending on how long you are going to let them sit
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Mild soap & water

epsom salt set up

1. Place a small amount of epsom salts in the bottom of your bowl(s) and then remove the cap on your essential oil bottle(s).  You can use your cap to pry off the dropper or roller fitment.
2. Place on top of salts and pour salts over top of bottles & in bottles until covered

epsom with oils
3.  Cover with a towel or some plastic wrap, make sure out of reach of little ones & pets and go along your day.
4.  Come back 12-24 hours later (or longer if you get distracted by life 😉 ), take bottles out and shake out then set aside.
5.  Transfer salts into a glass or ceramic container, such as a Mason jar, label, and enjoy!

epsom salts photo

Drop your empty salty bottles in to hot soapy bowl of water (I actually use the bowl I made the salts in.) Let them soak for a bit. Your labels should peal off easy peasy and if they don’t a touch of Young Living Lemon Essential oil will take the balance off.  Rinse your bottles and let them air dry.  Now you’re ready to make your favorite blends for your self or you can make gifts for your family & friends.  

Be creative and have fun!

Reduce, Re-use, & Recycle

Work hard and Live your Dreams,