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Every couple of months a new wave of articles, news stories, or gossip surfaces about how dangerous essentials oils are for kids, pets, and the people that sell them. I don’t normally respond to these posts because I know how hard I work to research and educate family, friends, and strangers on the importance of safe use of essential oils.  Working for Young Living, allows me to be the person that I loved when I worked as an Licensed Veterinary Technician, but be my own boss while allowing me to stay at home to raise my special needs daughter.  I love connecting with others on how to live healthier lifestyle, but by doing it safely.

Unfortunately, not all distributors practice these same practices.  So how you do you know that who you are purchasing with wants more then your sale?  Do your research, feel free to interview us!  Here are a few questions you should ask:

  1. How do I use essential oils?  This is almost a trick question.  Young Living essential oils may be used in 3 different ways.  For me, what I want to know is the little things.  Are they recommending that the oils be diluted prior to use? (which I find especially important in those who haven’t had much exposure to essential oils and also critical or kids, those with decreased immune systems, or other complicating factors.)  LOW and SLOW is my model.
  2. Why Young Living?   Yes please ask us this!  We love this company and all that it stands for.  Many of us have actually been able to visit a farm (YES! We have our own farms) or will be visiting at the the first chance we get! The most important thing is how our oils are grown, harvested, distilled, bottled and all the little details that go into it. No other company has that, Research the ingredients that they use and how they are producing their products.
  3. What resources can you offer?  This is so important!  A good distributor has an amazing support system.  They should have 1 or more oil chat groups to help you understand the oils from your kit and the other 500+ oils and oil infused products Young Living has to offer. And they should have classes, both online and/or in person.  You do not have to be local to your Oily friend for great support!

So lets talk Oils.

My 6 year old loves her oils and has many of her “own,” but she has rules.  She has to ask first and she may only use them when there is an adult around.  Many oils have suggested age restrictions.  Personally after tons of research I chose not to follow man of these.  BUT when i teach about them, I call them grey zone oils.  As a parent it is our job to research and collect all the information we can and make our own decisions.  Lindsey Elmore is a chemist has the best well studied information out there.  Check her out here. You can also find her on Face book or her website.

Here are a couple of resources: Essential Oil Safety   and   Ways to use Essential Oils

Before you start using your essential oils Please contact me first. I’m happy to discuss the rules and guidelines. I want you to use and love your oils but most importantly understand and use them safely <3

Young Living Essential oils are quite potent and a little bit goes a long ways.  Here are a few of my general rules or guidelines that I follow and teach.

  • Dilute as directed and Dilute more for kids, pets, and during pregnancy
  • When i say dilute normally it’s 1 drop of essential oil to 30 drops or 1 tsp (or more depending on the type of essential oil or blend) of a carrier oil (more info below on what a carrier oil is)  More detailed dilution recommendations while be found in the next blog post.
  • While diffusing, start by using no more then 1 blend with up to 2 singles OR no more then 3 singles at one time.  I highly suggesting diffusing at least 2 oils together to smooth out the notes that could be irritating.
  • Start Low 1-2 drops and try not to diffuse more then 2 oils at a time if they are the first time using them.
  • Reactions are rare BUT they are not unheard of.  If you are concerned about a reaction or an area of irritation, do NOT attempt to rinse off with water.  Water and Oil do not mix!  Water will cause an oil to drive deeper into the tissue. Apply more carrier oil and “wipe” way to dilute.
  • Never put essential oil in your eyes.  Should you accidentally get something in your eye, Use Carrier Oil NOT water to rinse out.
  • Never put essential oils in your ears
  • If accidentally ingestion occurs, Call Poison Control first and/or got to the Emergency room.  DO Not give water in attempts to dilute.  Remember water causes oils to drive deeper.

Carrier oils should ideally be organic and not heavily processede.  Avoid oils such as some vegetable, canola, and peanut as they tend to be highly processed.  Great options are Young Living’s V6, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and avocado oils to name just a few.

If you are using oils for skin health you’ll want to consider their “pore” clogging capabilities and review their Comedogenic Rating.

Most commonly I utilize aromatherapy and topical applications, although I do love any one of the many citrus oils in my water to ensure I’m drinking all of my daily water.  To this day every single time I use them I am blown away by how quickly they work.

Did you know that just 1 drop of an essential oil on your skin

~ Takes 2 minutes to reach your blood stream
~ Takes 20 minutes until it has effected Every cell in your body
~ Is metabolized within 2 hours
Or when they are inhaled they reach your brain in 22 seconds!

Phew that was a long one! Thanks for sticking through it

Be safe, do your research, ask Questions, and Oil up,