Name: Susan Betancourt
Member #: 367048
My name is Susan. Thanks for visiting.

I can never forget the day I discovered Young Living Essential Oils in 2000! It was love at first sniff.

Young Living has products that support wellness in every aspect of life (personal care, oils, cleaning supplies, supplements, etc.) more effectively than anything else Iʻve ever seen and used.

In a world where so much of what we ingest and are exposed to is chemically produced risking our health and well-being, finding such high-quality, effective and natural products for all aspects of your life IS simply life-changing. At Young Living you will find chemical-free, non-toxic products that promise a healthier way of life and wellness ~ both physical and emotional.

Wellness is what Young Living is about. It is about stopping the cause of dis-ease before it happens by supporting all the systems of your body without chemicals overloading them. This is true preventative maintenance; staying above the line of dis-ease.

I love to share my story with people and teach them how to live their healthiest and best life possible through a holistic approach using personal intention and the living energy of the plant kingdom, and, if they are interested show them how to have fun and make money while helping others.

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I give personal consultations, offer education and research, and create custom essential oil blends and protocols.

Please let me know how I can help!

Whether you have a health issue you are eager to overcome, a desire to create a healthier safer home, or an interest in joining the Young Living team, my phone and email are always open.

Fragrantly yours, Susan

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