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Hi and welcome to the Oily Geek! If you are here then you are looking to make a substantial change. Is that change for your child or for yourself? First off, I want you to know that you aren’t alone. There are thousands of women who are walking the same path as you so stay strong. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to help you and hold your hand so to speak.

My journey with oils and a toxin-free lifestyle began almost a year and a half ago. My youngest son Ayden was diagnosed with a severe speech delay, sensory processing disorder, and possible ASD. It was also at this time that my father’s oldest sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I wasn’t aware at the time but it’s possible that the two were related. Although developmental delays and cancer can be traced to genetics, many scientists believe that the toxins in our environment play a huge part. The more I read about the toxins in our home, the angrier I became and the more I wanted to get the word out. I want to help other mamas learn how to protect their children. The products that we are using in our homes, that we think are safe can actually make us very sick. It’s mind-boggling.

So what can a mama do? My first suggestion would be to look at the ingredients in the products you use on yourself and your children. I think you’ll be surprised. Here’s an example: Look at the back of your toothpaste. Does it say if swallowed to call Poison Control? Who doesn’t swallow toothpaste???? Why we putting poison in our or our children’s mouths??? Like I said mind boggling!

My second suggestion would be to start to clean the toxins out of your home right away. I know it can be overwhelming and I am here to help you. Contact me at: or set up your free call here:

Or maybe you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get started right now! (Smart move!) Check out the Premium Starter Kit. We all know healthcare costs are skyrocketing. It’s up to us to not only protect our family’s health but also our pocketbooks! Don’t Delay, Start Today!

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