Name: Jacquelyn Lopez
Member #: 1997438
Hi! I am a lover of Christ, a wife to a warrior and homeschooling mother of 3. I started my journey with Young Living in August, 2014 and never stopped! My family and I always suffered from upper respiratory issues. My little girl was getting fevers constantly, and doctors had no idea why. They wanted to put her on steroids and that's where I said enough! Two years later here we are as healthy as can be, slowly transitioning into a more toxic free wellness. Did you know that something as simple as our toothpaste can have toxic chemicals that can make you seriously ill? I didn't! But little by little we are learning and little by little we are changing what we eat, drink and put on and into our bodies. The transition to a toxic free living is not an easy one but it is a simple one filled with tons of blessings. Do you like feeling good? Me too! Well, this is what toxic free wellness is all about. As COO of Casa de Lopez, I can tell you the amazing blessings we have endured while slowly making the change. Are you ready to make the toxic free wellness transition? I'd love to walk through this journey with you. Blessings and hugs, Jackie

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