DIY labels for glass containers

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Hi! So you want to make easy, cost effective and super cute labels for your glass containers?

Peep this out! Pay attention because it’s going to go quick!

You’ll need:

-Good quality clear tape

-Glass jar, cup, bottle, etc

-A bowl

-A little bit of patience 😉

The Process:

-Type up in whatever font you like, the words you’d like to put on the glass containers.

-Print it out

-Take a piece of tape and put it over the word(s) *One word at a time*

-Use a credit card or similar to slide over the tape surface on the paper, a couple of times

-Cut the paper with tape out

– Put warm water 💦 in the bowl

-Place the paper with tape you cut out into the bowl and leave for about 6 minutes

-After 6 -10 minutes start rubbing off the paper from the tape. Make sure you do it in the water.

-Once all the paper is off, you should have the clear label with only the wording left on it.

-Place wet label on the glass container. If it’s not as sticky, add a little water to the tape side.


Did you try it? How did it work for you?

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