A (bakers) dozen ways to use Lavender essential oil

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Is this Swiss army of Essential oils. It’s safe to use directly on the skin without diluting and has a warm floral scent. If in doubt use lavender. It’s so versatile.


Here is a baker’s dozen ways for you to try it out!


Diffuse 5 drops for a calming sense any time of the day

Add 4-6 drops to Epsom salts for a spa like bath

Add 2 drops to a (clean) body lotion for a luxurious skin treat

Add a drop to your face lotion

Add 4 drops to 1oz of jojoba oil and use for a face and body lotion

Add 1 drop to a quarter size squirt of coconut oil for shiny hair and apply at night

Add 4 drops to a dryer ball when drying sheets for a night time calm every night!

Add 5-7 drops to a glass spray bottle and fill with water for a pillow spray (you can use the same one for an air freshener)

Add a drop to your mascara for super duper lashes

Make your own lip balm with lavender for kissable lips.

Add a drop to each of your shoulders if you have had a tense day to smooth out muscles.

Inhale directly from the bottle to bring about a sense of calm.

Apply a drop to the bottom of your feet at bed time for a serene night.


Whats your favourite use?

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