All that Rain.. leads to Blooms, leads to Allergies. Some simple things you can do in your home to alleviate allergy issues.

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Rain is awesome. As a gardener, I love that my veggie garden got a really good dose of rain. We needed it  right?

Now I feel bad for anyone that has allergies. You know that in a month or so, all that rain will lead to blooms everywhere. I know it will be gorgeous. However, for those of you that suffer with allergies I am sorry.

Some simple tips anyone can adopt to alleviate allergy issues and support your sinuses and respiratory system.

1. Ditch all those plug ins, candles and air fresheners. They interfere with your respiratory system. Whether you smell them or not, you are breathing in those chemical fragrances that aren’t doing anyone any favours. If you are worried your house will stink diffuse purification. It will purify the air, leaving it smelling amazing and not interfere with you!

2. Ditch all chemical cleaners. Again, you might not smell them but they mess with your brain and your respiratory system. You can try Vinegar and water, baking soda and Thieves household cleaners as options.

I challenge you to pick up all plug ins, candles, air fresheners and cleaners, put them in a plastic bag in the garage for a month). Use only non chemical things for a month and report how you feel. 

3. Perfumes? You guessed it. Out.

4. Diffuse Peppermint essential oil to support the respiratory system. Add a drop to the bottom of the shower before you get in for an invigorating morning wake up.

5. Add a drop of lemon water to your water to cleanse the system. You can also use lemon essential oil to clean. Combine 4 cups of Hydrogen peroxide, 4 cups of water and 10 drops of lemon oil and; Voila! Its the most amazing cleaner to use instead of bleach.

6. Add a drop of Thieves to a cup of hot water and makes some Thieves Tea to support the immune system. (Allergies is the immune system kicking out all the irritants).

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