April is earth month

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This year, Earth Day falls on Friday, April 22nd, which means much of the weekend will be devoted to eco-friendly activities and events. One of my favourite activities for is to watch the nature movie that Disney releases every earth year on Earth Day. They really are amazing, educational and makes me realise I am a small part of the world, but my actions can help.image-315

Environmental impacts of cleaning agents are the consequences of chemical compounds in cleaning products.

One of the things we can do for ourselves and towards the larger goal that earth day promotes is to consider the chemical cleaners we use in our home. After all, everything that goes down the sink, goes back into the ground and water system.

Not to mention the increasing concer regarding the impact cleaning products has  as developmental and endocrine disruptor.

Using essential oil based cleaners without chemical ingredients is one way to do that.

Lemon essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree essential oil are all really great. You can mix them with white vinegar and water to create an all purpose cleaner. Alternatively, I use Thieves Household Cleaner which is pre made, essential oil based house hold cleaner. Its made with Thieves essential oil and smells amazing.

What are your plans for earth day?



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