Are you empowered to make your own healthcare decisions?

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Our goal here is to help empower everyone with their own healthcare. Can you take you into your own hands and be your own cheerleader? We are cheer leading that! Let’s learn together!

I am not a disbeliever in Western Medicine by any means. It has a really valid place in our world. What we are about in this group is being advocates for our own health and well being. #Iamlearningeveryday
Oils don’t cure you – your body does. Are you giving your body the things it needs to push the yuck out of the way so it can heal itself?
As much as possible we are about NATURAL solutions that work WITH our bodies over lab made options that cause some challenges. Even if you aren’t sick, the chemical exposure we all have burdens our bodies that stores and causes problems. Might not be today, or tomorrow. BUT.. it’s the reason cancer rates are so high. (1 in 2 people now 🙁)


If you take stuff to counter the side effects of other stuff, time to re evaluate?? What can we learn?
I am a huge fan of root cause. It’s critical. Yes, we can apply a band aid, but how long will it last? And even more, what will it do long term? #whoknows

Diet is important. Supplements are key. If you have something going on, have you considered your diet? Chemical exposure? Hydration? Are you getting 18 servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day? I for sure am not! (If I did, I would need digize for the fart action!)

Things like:
When you get a cold, your body is TELLING you something. Are you LISTENING? Oils aren’t meant for a crisis, and yes, they can support your immune system, but the bigger question is WHY did you get sick? Emotions? Sugar intake? Poor diet? Not enough rest? Your immune system should be able to handle you licking the door handle in a pre school. If it can’t. We need to work on that.

Can’t Sleep? For sure drugs work, but WHY aren’t you sleeping? Stress? Hormones? Pain? something else?

Allergies is a big one we all ‘settle with’. Sneezing a million miles a minute? What is your nose exposed to? How are your adrenals? Adrenals flare when we are stressed and that can increase allergy symptoms.

Pain? Taking pills to MASK the pain will help. I get it. Can we look at what the pain is? and alternatives? No one needs to live in pain. #paincream

Headaches? Stress, dehydration? chemical exposure? Eyes need testing?

No-one is asking your to abandon Western Medicine or call me with symptoms or diagnosis (I am not a Dr!! ) But just have a natural curiosity and ask the why. It will serve you!
Ask why 5 times:
I am sick
I have a crap diet
I don’t have time to food prep
Cos I am working too late
We have a deadline
I have to much to do
I am unfocused
Now we have a conversation. Need Courage? Valor can help 🙂

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