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So you have your premium starter kit and you love love love everything about it. (If you don’t have yours yet, you can get it here: )

You have started your healthy lifestyle, eliminating chemicals and using essential oils for a wonderful vibrant (lovely) smelling life. So what’s next?

If you have had a look at the Young Living Catalog, its quite overwhelming. I have to be honest. I hadn’t looked at it until almost 6 months after I got my kit. I wasn’t aware of the sheer amount of stuff that they had! All expertly formulated without harmful substances.

So you love the 11 essential oils and want to know whats next? Here are my top items. I tried to prioritize, but its really hard! Try one at a time. This lifestyle is not a destination.   It’s so fun to get new stuff in the mail.

  1. Joy Essential oil: Oh my. I love this. I wrote an entire blog on it I love it so much!New kit with vitality
  2. Valor Essential oil: I use this when I am feeling a bit cranky and I can’t focus. When I need my head on straight to get something done and I am procrastinating. It promotes confidence and courage.
  3. Thieves Laundry Detergent (if you don’t want to make your own): Did you read why you need to know why you should give up Tide? Its here 
  4. Thieves Toothpaste and mouthwash. Sparkling gnashers (English for teeth) 😉
  5. Thieves Household Cleaner: If you want to take a step in cleaning up your lifestyle, traditional cleaners have to go. Here is the info
  6. Abundance essential oil. It promotes all kinds of goodness.
  7. Ningxia Red. This is overall wellness in a bottle. I can’t say enough about it. It helps keep me regular (sorry if it’s TMI), keeps my sugar cravings down, helps me think about what I am eating and supports overall wellness. I even notice I don’t sleep as well if I miss it.
  8. Cedarwood Great for skin support in your face serum. paired with lavender in the diffuser at night its the calmest of calms!
  9. Tea Tree – You can’t go wrong with this immune supporting, skin loving oil and its very inexpensive.
  10. Master Formula and Multi Greens – if you take a multi vitamin, consider these.
  11. Idaho Blue spruce or Northern Lights Black spruce – a great additional to your mental toolbox. Its great to be diffused to create a grounding sense. When I have icky energy and I apply a drop of either of these to my third eye (the space in the middle of your forehead) for an emotional release.
  12. Orange blossom Face wash. I replaced my old face wash with this and love the way it cleans my face and makes my skin feel.
  13. Feelings kit – I saved up my essential reward points for this. I definitely appreciate the properties of all essential oils, but I particularly love all of the ‘feely and emotional’ ones.
  14. Any of the citrus vitality oils I use them for cooking and in my water. I was tired of throwing away fresh fruit because it went bad.
  15. Deep Relief Roll on. Its convenient and perfect to roll on to any owie conveniently. I use it most for my lower back after sitting all day
  16. An extra diffuser. Who doesn’t need an extra for the bedroom , living room 😉

There are so many more I would want to add, but I can’t order them on this list. 😉

What would your order list be?


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