Love your liver

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Your liver is one of you most crucial organs. It is  the only visceral organ that possesses the remarkable capacity to regenerate (1) I have been using the following blend topically on the the skin under my ‘Girls’, where my liver is, morning and night following the Gall Bladder Cleanse. In a 1 oz dropper bottle add the following essential oils and top … Read More

Inner Defense

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Inner Defense™ reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like Oregano, Thyme, and Thieves I was taking some stuff out of our house and staging it in the garage for bulk trash and was blown away when I thought. This is for the August schedule. AUGUST!! I mean seriously where … Read More

Ditch and Switch. Its all about trading purchases

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Every time we eat something, we are either feeding or fighting disease. The need for having a chemical-free home is finally getting the visibility it needs with increasing information on the chemicals we find in everyday products. Products that are marketed to us with ‘saves the wildlife’ or ‘green’. In fact ‘Simple Green’ is one of the worst rated cleaners … Read More

Tips and Hacks for afforability

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I have been getting a few comments recently about how expensive some YL things can be. OK, I get it, I can see it seems that way, but lets look at it some more. K? Lets look at the comparison. Would you buy a bottle of fanta for 99 cents or a bottle of OJ for a couple of bucks? … Read More

A typical oily day.

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I am often asked what essential oils I use. I use many. Some are situational when I need specific support. Like If I feel like my immune system is going off the rails a bit, I will take inner defense and use thieves more. For everyday.. well here you go.  A day in the oily life!   Good Morning!! Alarm … Read More

Why Peppermint might be your new best friend

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OK. We hit over 100 degrees here in Phoenix today, and every year I say. “I am not ready”. (anyone else say that?)  That blanket of heat as you leave the house or car. Yikes! Peppermint is super cooling so here are some ideas to use it to cool you off. If you can bribe someone to apply a drop … Read More

Spring Recipes

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We are having a make and take at my house next week. We get together and make some fun stuff using essential oil. This time we are making some diverse things! Hair Serum: With the summer fast approaching and the pool in our future, our hair may need some TLC and moisture. I make this serum and use a few … Read More

Sweet dreams – Essential oils at bedtime

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I have a ‘thing’ about making my bed in the morning. I would admit its probably part of my A type personality, but this morning as I was making my new bed and putting on my new comforter I was thinking how happy new bedding made me. You know, the comforting feel of clean sheets, a clean bedroom, new bedding … Read More

I love you guys

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Spring Cleaning Last week I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and took out all the stuff I don’t use. It was a lot of stuff, including a full bottle of Vera Wang Princess, Calvin Cline Obsession and Clique Happy Perfume. Bottles and bottles of lotions and potions, body sprays and creams. I even had a huge jar of hotel samples … Read More