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We are living in a world where we are laden with petro chemicals and synthetic products that actually aren’t good for us. They’ve been reported to cause all kinds of havoc on our bodies from brain and nervous system toxicity to other more severe health issues. It’s a term known as “Body Burden”

All of our organs including the brain are more efficient when they don’t have to process petro chemicals. Our bodies are smart. They will work to eliminate anything that is not supposed to be there. It will protect you as much as it can from foreign substances that find their way into your body. However, that comes at a price. If your body is fighting off petro chemicals, it can’t support your premium health at the same time. Your liver (and other organs) work over time to process these petro chemicals so they don’t “land” in your essential organs.

There are over 500 potential chemicals that can be used under the single name “fragrance” found on the label of many products, not just perfumes and colognes. Fragrances are found in “air fresheners,” room deodorizers, cosmetics, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, candles, and many other places. Manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on the labels of these products, nor do they have to reveal the specific ingredients that qualify as “fragrance” to regulating authorities because they are protected as trade secrets.

Some fragrance ingredients disrupt our natural hormonal balance, causing any number of possible emotional concerns, including: anxiety, mood swings. Feeling down? It could be the scent you’re wearing. Even if you can’t smell perfumes or cleaners, you may be suffering ill effects from exposure.

These Chemicals can be found in

  • The processed food that we eat, (did you know that there is plastic in margarine?)
  • On the fresh food we eat (spayed with pesticides).
  • In the cleaning products we inhale while cleaning.
  • In the perfumes and personal products we use. (They absorb through the skin too)
  • Candles, plug in and air fresheners. Sorry Fabreeze.
  • Many of Over the counter drugs, protein powders and nutritionals.

Imagine how efficient your body would be without these petro chemicals. Your immune system, your hormones, your energy levels. Using essential oils instead of some of the petro chemical products you use today can help reduce your body burden and support your overall wellness.

You can use essential oils (instead of over the counter products) to:

  • Support your digestive system
  • Clean your home
  • Support your respiratory system
  • Support your emotions
  • Support your skin
  • Clean your system, increase energy and help you rest.
  • Purify your home
  • Clean your skin (and as an added bonus reduce fine lines and wrinkles: Frankincense!)
  • Support your workouts, muscles and skeletal system.

It might sound overwhelming to start, but it really is a journey I’m still on mine. You can read it here:

I would love to hear your story!

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