Conditioner for your lovely locks

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Despite this weekends cool phase, it is getting warmer here in Phoenix and we are starting to use the pool. It only means one thing and that’s stringy & dry hair. Between the sun, Heated styling (hair straightener, etc) my hair can feel the effects.

I use this hair treatment most nights before I go to bed. (it does mean you have to wash your hair the next day – just so you are prepared) It leaves my hair soft and shiny and easy to style. hair treatment

Its super easy and cheap to make!

2 oz of coconut oil. I use the Organic ones from Costco or trader Joes (depends where I do my shopping)


At night, apply 3-4 drops on dry hair and comb through. I like to tie my hair up, mostly because I don’t like hair in my face as I sleep.

Here’s the great news! This combo is also great for your skin. Lavender and Cedarwood have great skin supporting properties as well as calming properties. You can use this all over your skin, including your face or to your chest before bed time to inhale those calming aromas. Essential oils are so versatile, I love that.

Other oils that are great for your hair are Rosemary, Tea Tree (great for the scalp) and Manuka.


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