Do you get sick often? Your immune system might need some TLC

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If you keep getting sick and need your immune system to serve you better, here are my suggestions. What would you add?

1. Ningxia Red. Super Whole food packed with antioxidants that supports your entire body (eyes, every body system, immune system .. you name it). Just 2 oz a day. I normally suggest to try it for 30 days and see what you notice. Best taken in the morning.
2. 80 % of our immune system starts in the gut to Life 9 probiotic for the win here. Take this one at night before bed. It will flood your system with good gut flora.
Side note: If you are stressed and have a build up of acid in your gut, adding alkalime or multi greens would work. But we can call this phase 2). Use your oils to manage stress for sure. (Back of neck is the entry point to the central nervous system to calm things down).
3. Either Inner defense (my fave) or Immupro daily will save you. It saves me and I take it pretty much every day, sometimes 2 a day if I am travelling and it’s flu season. It’s a capsule with thieves, Thyme, Oregano and lemongrass and nothing will survive it . Take it with food (early in the day opposite the life 9 time of day 😉 . Immupro has melatonin in it so you would need to take it at night. Then change the life 9 to a time when you won’t be eating for a few hours.
4. Use your oils as a preventative. Lemon in water daily will help and thieves on the bottom of your feet daily will help too. Immune Honey daily helps too.
5. Of course, diet is a big part. No sugar! It crashes the immune system ( I think that’s why I got a cold last week eating all of this English chocolate!!)
6. It is important to look at emotions if you are constantly getting sick. Emotions suppress the immune system too and can cause havoc. I had a spell where I was super Angry and I ended up sick.
7. Epsom salt baths help tons.. pulls out the toxins.

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