Do you love the smell of laundry? This is better and it’s not toxic

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young_living%20lavenderAnother option to reduce Body Burden is to reduce the chemicals in laundry, Admittedly I LOVED that laundry smell. My team at work gifted me Downy once for bosses day, that smell was very soothing to me until I learned that the fragrance is pretty much toxic. And Dryer Sheets are toxic to us and Dogs! Who knew?  Now its all about smelling essential oils and who doesn’t love that?

Powder – totally fine for front loaders

1 bar castille soap (try Dr. Bronner’s)

1 Cup baking soda

1/2 Cup Oxiclean Baby Soak (NOT Oxiclean.  Baby Soak get’s an “A” safety rating from

1/2 Cup washing soda

1 1/2 teaspoons citric acid

20-30 drops essential oils

1. Grate the castille soap (if you freeze it first, it’s easier to grate)

2. Put 1/2 dry ingredients + 1/2 grated soap in food processor (to keep soap from sticking together).

3. Use the Pulse setting and mix. Continue until all ingredients are well combined.

4. Add 20-30 drops YL essential oils.  I  like to switch up the oils I use but here are a few suggestions below:

5. Pulse again

Lemon + Thieves

Eucalyptus + Lavender

Purification (great for stinky laundry or sour towels)

Lime + Peppermint (a nice summer option)


Cinnamon + Orange (nice for winter months)

TO USE: add 1/2 Tbs. per load or a full TBS if really dirty clothes.

Fabric Softener

1 cup of baking soda

6 cups of vinegar

7 cups of water

15 drops of essential oil

1. Add the baking soda and water into a large bowl / jar

2. Add the Vinegar slowly!

3 Mix all ingredients and add the essential oils.

TO USE: Add to the Fabric softener drawer in your washing machine.

Oils to use: You can keep with the same combo as your laundry detergent.

Wool Dryer Balls

Using dryer balls not only helps you clothes smell amazing, but saves money! The balls circle the clothes in the dryer more effectively due to their weight distributing air to dry  things faster. To avoid static, use at least 3. You can buy them from Amazon:

Just add a couple of drops of essential oils to one of the balls and add them with your clothes.

TIP: Add lavender to your dryer ball when you dry sheets for an extra calming luxury!


To order essential oils:

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