Essential Rewards – I don’t spend more, I just change where I spend on the things I need.

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Essential rewards is a great program offered by Young Living. As you continue on your essential oil and chemical free journey, there are items you currently use that you will look to replace with a more natural chemical free something. I look for Triclosan, Fragrance, parabens and other harmful chemicals and avoid them like the plague. They can disrupt many things in your body that can alter your hormones, impact your immune system and even change the way you cope with stress.

So as things ran out, I just looked for a better replacement.ER

  1. I replaced my face wash with orange blossom face wash. It looks like its more expensive, but you use such a small amount that the bottle lasts for months.
  2. I replaced all my cleaners with Thieves cleaner. Not only does it save me money, It saves a lot of space under the sink 😉
  3. I replaced all plug ins and air fresheners with essential oils. Just one 15 ml bottle of essential oil has 300 drops and you only need a couple at a time.
  4. I replaced the hand soap from bath and body works with Thieves foaming hand soap (or I make my own)
  5. I replaced the Tide I was using with Thieves laundry soap that is plant based and non toxic. (or I make my own)
  6. I replaced the dryer sheets I was using with essential oils on a dryer ball.
  7. I replaced the Neutrogena shower gel I was using with morning start shower gel.
  8. I replaced the pureology shampoo and conditioner with the lavender shampoo and conditioner
  9. I replaced the Nivea lotion with Lavender body lotion
  10. I replaced my face lotion with a serum I make with jojoba oil and essential oils.

I now earn 20% back, so for every $100, I get $20 back in points to spend! I save them up and get essential oils or items I have been wanting to try! And I get them for free! When that box comes in the mail, its super exciting! Target doesn’t give me that 😉

What have you been wanting to try?