How your immune system is all about your emotions

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Your immune system is ALL about your emotions. In fact, there are studies to show that all illness has an emotional root. Whether it’s a boil on your butt or something bigger. It’s emotionally charged!

Last year I got sick a couple of times. First time in about 5 years! First, I got a pretty rough cold. (thank goodness for oils is all I can say) I was neglecting my inner defense and Thieves and then BAM, out of nowhere I got Impetigo. Not my body at all. I am quite indestructible really, even with all the travel I do! So unlike me to get sick at all, never mind twice in a row in a short period!

I went to get a Zyto scan (similar to the Itovi I have, but the Zyto medical professional scan is on Nitro!)

Chris (who scanned me) is the most amazing nurse and she was amazing. I told her what was going on so she scanned me for emotions first.

The number one challenge I was facing.. are you ready? Anger. I was so Angry in my body that it was causing physical sickness. WHAT? ANGRY? For sure I have a temper, but it’s more like a blip than Anger. Anger sounds so mean!

At the time I wasn’t really sure where it was coming from, but I did understand the Anger part. I am an emotional person anyway and my moods are quick, yet short lived. I am not the even keeled person.  I am up and down like a yo yo, elation to frustration and back again quick like a yo yo. Nothing too major.

I wasn’t really sure where it was coming from at the time except for at the time we were trying to be vegan. Sounds easy enough right? Couple of challenges with that.

  1. No soy. Most soy is GMO and all vegan cheat meals are soy based.
  2. No corn. Most corn is GMO
  3. Most Vegan prepared foods have one or both of these ingredients.

We had a fridge FULL of the most amazing rainbow colors of fruits and veggies and it looked totally Instagram worthy. In fact, I probably did Instagram it. I was proud of how it looked. It was that cool.

Now, I am a Home Ec Major (did you know that?) and I pride myself on my ability to cook up anything from whatever is in the fridge. Food is my language. It’s also my sense of responsibility. Read that one again.

What I learned, is the inability to cook and feed us triggered an incompetence and lack of responsibility in me. (It goes back a long way and I won’t go into too much detail about it). Long story short, when I was younger, our family had some challenges and at 14-15 I was way too responsible because I had to be.

Then I went to Asheville for my coaching program training where I had to really face this. Like it kicked me in the shins a few times. That boot might have had a steel tow cap too. As we did somatic exercises to realize what our triggers were, and how it affected us, I had to turn to this trigger of mine and say good bye. I had come to realise exactly what it was, where it came from, what it’s roots were and how it’s been with me since a kid.

I was holding on to something that no longer served me. More than not serving me, it was hurting me. Current day events can trigger things in us that we don’t realise. I could trace back to the situation as a kid, but I learned so much more about the outlying events that created this. It was quite an eye opener!

So as I say goodbye, It was like saying good bye to an old friend. Someone that had protected me and comforted me all these years. WHOA. Great! Now I was dealing with Grief and Anger. 2 haunting emotions.

I leave my coaching program class having processed much of what it was, but I was raw!

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What did I do next?

I went to see a Therapist that could help me put together the pieces of a trauma I had never healed from.

I applied Release Essential oil on my liver and down my spine every day to release the anger

I applied Joy Essential oil on my heart every morning for grief

I applied Harmony Essential oil on my gall bladder to release any regret.

I processed it all, Did some heavy lifting and after some time, I came up for air and realized what a wonderful transformation I had the opportunity to go through.


I haven’t been sick since.




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