If you only had one use (yeah right) for each essential oil

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I use essential oils every day. All day. For everything.  So if I could only use each essential oil for one thing, besides being in a panic because essential oils are so versatile,  this is what it would be.

1. Panaway – applied directly to my lower back before bed time when it feels tight.

2. Lemon – drink one drop in my warm water every morning to cleanse and kick start my dayClass banner

3. Stress-away -diffuse after work to decompress.

4. Frankincense – apply one drop to my face directly before my face serum to smooth my skin.

5. Lavender – add a drop in epsom salts for a relaxing bath

6. RC – Diffuse in the morning for a wake up call.

7. Thieves – add to a mug of hot water any time of day to support my immune system

8. Peppermint – One drop under the tongue after lunch to wake me up, support my respiratory system and freshen my breath.

9. Copiaba – a drop on my shoulders after sitting all day

10. Purification – added drops to a dryer ball to make our laundry smell amazing

11. Digize – add to a capsule and take it after dinner to support my digestion.

So there it is. If you could only use them one way, although there are so many other uses and purposes for each essential oil. I have been writing a series on a dozen ways to use each essential oil, so to understand the versatile uses, check them out.

What would your one use be?

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