Is your immune system up to snuff?

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I was driving by my local CVS this morning and noticed that they are already promoting flu shots. Is it that time of year already? Its a tough one for me to take when its still over 100 degrees outside, but having said that, people all around me are getting sick after the kids went back to school. I personally don’t do the flu shot, but please make your own decision.

Your immune system is supposed to fight off all the creep and crud out there. It should act like a game of space invaders and shoot down any ‘baddies’. Sometimes it doesn’t.

So why not? If your body is overly acidic, then things tend to not work in perfect order. Need to read more, check out this article:

So before we treat any symptoms, lets review some of the things that cause acidity include:body ph

  • Stress – Killer! Stress causes inflammation in the body. De-Stress. Color, find your joy and use stress away. Eating well and getting enough sleep will help your balance stress better.
  • A poor diet – Eating  processed foods causes your body to have to process them more. We weren’t made to eat some of the things we find in the grocery store today. Keep up with your Ningxia Red, Master Formula, Super Cal, Multigreens and longevity. If you are in a rush, try the Slique protein shakes. They are a perfect meal replacement. a large portion of your immune system comes from you digestive system. If you have issues with your digestive system, your body isn’t able to absorb the nutrients it needs.
  • Chemical exposure – that plug in you have, the candle you burn, the cleaner you used on the counter top and the laundry detergent on your skin all day are all super acidic and you are inhaling them all in. Your body can’t process them. I challenge you all, if you haven’t  done this yet, but all of these things in a plastic bag, put them in the garage and see how much better you feel when you try a natural cleaner like Thieves.
  • Not enough sleep – Your body needs rest to rejuvenate. If you are acidic, you  may have trouble sleeping, so it becomes a vicious circle. Make sure your environment is well suited for rest. Try diffusing your favorite calming oils at bed time. (My combo is Lavender and Cedarwood – just 3 drops of each in the diffuser on my bed side table).

Supporting my immune system is easy. Prevention is always better. Who has the time or money to get sick?!

  1. I drink Lemon vitality and thieves vitality every morning in warm water.
  2. Under stressful situations I take an inner defense with dinner. ( I always take this with food!)
  3. My Series of Supplements include: Master Formula (A multi vitamin), Calcium (I’m over 25), Ningxia Red, Multigreens and Longevity.
  4. I make a roller of thieves and roll on my feet in the morning before I leave the house.
  5. I wash my hands frequently and only use Thieves handsoap. (I have never used hand sanitizer – its terrible)

On a side note, an essential oil will expire in your body in about 20 mins if you are acidic, so use little amounts and often.

No one is perfect and I don’t always avoid stress, eat well or get my 8 hours of sleep, but one good choice is better than none at all.

Stay healthy this season xoxox



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