Lavender is the most adulterated oil

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Lavender!! This is known as the Swiss army of essential oils. Most of us have heard of it and tried / smelled it at some point.

Fun Fact: In 1910 French chemist and scholar René-Maurice Gattefossé discovered the virtues of the essential oil of lavender. Gattefossé badly burned his hand during an experiment in a perfumery plant and plunged his hand into the nearest tub of liquid, which just happened to be lavender essential oil.

Not so Fun Fact: Because Lavender is one of the most popular oils, it is also the most adulterated. In fact…. more lavender essential oil is sold than lavender is grown! :O

If in Doubt, lavender will do more than you think. Traditionally it’s used for calming the mind, body and soul and for all things skin and hair.
Here are my biggest uses:

1. It’s in my hair serum (4 oz coconut or avocado oil with 10 drops lavender, cedarwood and 5 drops of rosemary). I put it on at night and sleep in it.
2. I keep a bottle in the kitchen because I love to cook, but am also a clutz!!
3. When i did the spartan race I applied it to my knees, shins and elbows after crawling through mud (and safety pins)
4. I diffuse it at night (normally with cedarwood or RC )Lavender
5. We have it in LLP rollers, LLP capsules and LLP diffuser blends for seasonal challenges. Pollen isn’t nice.
6. I put it on my tummy when I feel swirly
7. I add 5 drops to a cup of epsom salts for a bath when I have had a tough day
8. I add a few drops to a dryer ball for drying sheets. Who doesn’t need lavender infused sheets? 😉
9. I make a pillow spray with Lavender and dream catcher and spray my pillows
10. I diffuse it for the cats. I KNOW!! but they LOVE IT!
11. I use it on anytime my skin needs some TLC.
12. I make lavender lip balms because lips need TLC too!
13. It’s in my face serum (with Frankincense and a few other oils).
14. I made body scrub today with Lavender and citrus fresh. My skin needs some exfoliation!
15. I used it on my neck Saturday after playing Netball in the sun for a couple of hours #iforgotthesunscreen
16. add a drop to your mascara for nourished lashes! #flutter

It’s seriously like a fabulous basic oil. I sometimes forget it’s power… but we always have it in this house. Marc Gentile once said that lavender handles 80% of emotions. This is what I need to remember, I love the emotional oils (it’s why i started with oils) and lavender is a massive part of it!

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