My boy and his grief

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In 2004 I adopted the first cat of my adult life Matilda, followed quickly the next year by Magoo. Those 2. Oh My Gosh. Both of them were failed fosters and out of 100’s of fosters, I can’t tell you specifically why I couldn’t let these 2 go. They are my babies!!

Magoo is a pan leuk survivor. When he was a kitten, all of his litter mates passed from pan leuk and he survived. I would visit the hospital where he was boarded, just fur and bone and I would open the back door to the hospital, sit on the floor where the sun was shining through and read him Harry potter out loud. Every day, my fab Friend and Vet would tell him not to die today. We would say. Don’t die today, ok? It must have worked, because a few weeks later he was terrorising the hospital and was ready to come home. I nick named him Kitten.

I was only his foster by this point and I brought him home until he was old enough, stong enough and big enough to get neutered. Poor guy. His first day at my house he crawled under the couch and didn’t move for hours. It broke my heart. After those few hours tho, he came out and made a bee line for Matilda.

Now, by this point Matilda was a year old and had spent all of one day of her life without other fosters. She was a trooper to let me bring in anyone and everyone. At one point she was one of 12 fosters. I had 9 (YES NINE) litter boxes!! Now I just had Magoo and Matilda and I adored them. I would continue to foster and one day I wanted my feline household to be just these  2 by themselves, They ADORED each other.


Magoo and Monster

With several fosters, I learned Magoo is a nurse. He’s an earth kitty. He wants to take care of everyone. I fostered a 3 week old kitten that I named Monster, and Magoo never left his side.

Spring 07 024

Matilda and Magoo

After an older foster that eventually passed and another failed foster Oliver, Matilda and Magoo continued to adore each other. Every single morning, they would bunny kick each other and play on the mat by the back door. They would eat together, sleep together and snuggle with me on the couch.

When I lost Matilda, I was a mess. I didn’t realize the grief until I wasn’t grieving. It was a few months. (long story short, she got sick REALLY fast and by the time we knew, it was too late. Magoo knew. He NEVER left her side.

The day I came home from the vet without her, I crawled onto the couch with a blanket and Magoo instantly came to snuggle me. I cried, I hugged him, I told him what happened and I cried some more. I slathered myself in Joy and Trauma Life and we just snuggled, watched TV while I cried. I was mad, I was angry, I felt like I was jipped. Matilda was only 12 and I thought I had YEARS left with her. Magoo never left my side. Over the next few days I expected Magoo to wander around the house looking for Matilda but he didn’t. He knew. He had spent the last week or so nurturing her, never leaving HER side. When I came home, he knew exactly what had happened but he never showed any emotional signs. Until one day he sat at the back door on the rug growling, When I went over to pet him his tail didn’t curve upwards like normal. Like his tail was limp. He was in pain and we knew it.

I ran to the cupboard and rain dropped him. 6 drops and I called the vet right after.  We discovered that he had impacted anal glands. If any of you know cats, that’s quite unusual. His grief manifested physically. I had no idea.

That week he got a raindrop every single day and a shot of Ningxia red (a shot being a 1/4 capful) and he was back to himself in no time. I also noticed other things that had changed in him. He could now crawl through the little hole in the door for his litter box, he was playing more and he could jump up onto the bed without fumbling.

He now gets a raindrop weekly and ningxia red every day. I love this kitten!!

My big dilema now, should I bring home a kitten or 2 for him to be buddies with? As he’s grown older, he’s become a bit quieter than he used to be and while I don’t want to disturb his peace, he’s still got a big heart!


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