My Journey to reduce chemicals.

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I need to start this blog with an apology to my friend Lori. When I started with Young Living essential oils about 18 months ago, I started on a toxin free lifestyle. At the time I first met Lori she talked about how her being around regular household cleaners, perfumes or plug in type things gave her an instant headache and that her brain gave a significant objection to these synthetics. I thought it was a bit far-fetched and while I didn’t roll my eyes, I may as well have.

I didn’t make the change all at once, but over time I removed toxins from my life. Young Living offers a variety of house hold products all made using essential oils and absolutely no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. As a result, I have more energy, I sleep better, my immune system is strong and I haven’t been sick and I feel happier in general.

Now I find myself in situations where my brain instantly objects to synthetics and overly toxic places and when I found myself in a situation this weekend, I finally got what she was talking about.  I got an instant migraine and felt a little nauseous. It was not fun.  My body is just not used to those chemicals anymore! 3 oils

Over time, I have worked to eliminate things from my life that cause disruption: See Body Burden

  1. Removed all plastic containers and glasses. All that Tupperware you heat in the microwave releases toxins. I switched to Glass containers and regular glasses. Costco has a great deal on Glass snap containers.
  2. All those candles and plug ins? Throw them out. I like the atmosphere of candles, but the diffuser is so much nicer. The candles and plugs in release toxins.
  3. Perfume? Use essential oils instead
  4. Personal care products? Face wash, lotions, shower Gel, Bubble bath (I know!). I made my own. See here for my recipes
  5. I had a small epiphany when I was chopping peppers on my island after cleaning it . Luckily I use an essential oil based cleaner that is non toxic or else it would have been all over my pepper. I challenge you to put all your cleaners in a garbage bag and put them in the garage. Use only this cleaner for a month and make a note of hour you feel. All those cleaners (Windex, bleach, Clorox) all release toxins in the air that you breathe. Your animals suffer too.
  6. This was a big one for me and the last thing I switched. I LOVED the smell of laundry, but it is the highest pollutant in your home. Here is an alternative for soap, fabric softener and dryer sheets.
  7. Hand Soap. I used to be a bath and body works addict, but all those synthetic fragrances? You guessed it Toxic. I make my own now or use the Thieves foaming hand soap.

I am still adjusting things in my life and I learn something new every single day. The journey is fun! I get to learn how to have a healthier lifestyle that will stay with me forever. Even better than that, I get to help people do the same thing by paying my learnings forward.

I’d love to hear your story.

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