Orange Torture Week

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If you have heard me refer to Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) as Orange Torture Fitness, please know it is a term of endearment. While I do think its torture, I really love it. Working out clears my brain and helps me be less cranky, and fitting into my skinny jeans. Yes please. So this week I weighed in for the … Read More

Staying fit with essential oils.

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Lets talk exercise. We know we should do it. Believe me, there are times when I would much rather hang out at home with Netflix and the couch, but that’s not going to contribute to my older years. (although there are times, when doing that is good for your soul). Its all about moderation right? We joined a new gym … Read More

Sore Muscles?

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I love that feeling. So sore it feels good? Only when I’ve been to the gym. If I am sore from something else, it just makes me feel old 😉 There are a few essential oils and things out there for sore muscles that ease tension. Deep relief – a convenient roll on. I use this mostly for my lower … Read More