Empower your health

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When I first moved to the US I was knocked sideways by the drug commercials. I had never seen anything like it before. In the UK at the time, we didn’t have commercials for drugs, ever. And then they list the side effects. Listed one by one at speed like an auctioneer. What is that? Side effects may include:.. blah … Read More

Why would you want to use essential oils?

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Why would you want to use essential oils? You’ve heard about them, you probably know someone that uses them, so what’s all the fuss about? Man-made chemicals now found in human tissue samples now stands at 287, including bisphenol A, found in many plastics; triclosan, found in antibacterial soap; a dozen perfluorinated chemicals, such as PFOA used in the manufacture … Read More

Sleep? Yes – Get it.

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You’ve heard the phrase ” You can sleep when you’re dead!”? As I crammed for exams, socialized into the early hours of the morning and allowed my poor planning to rob me of sleep, I really used to wish this were true. Don’t listen to it. EVER. Sleep. Sleep deprivation has been linked to more than just bags under our … Read More