Stressed out?

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Do you wear your shoulders as earrings? Lets get real. Something happens, your shoulders rise to your ears, you might grit your teeth and it feels like bad joo joo for your heart, mind and soul. Its called Stress. It can cause sleep disruptions, breakouts, crankiness, and even worse if not managed. Stress weakens the immune system so then you … Read More

JOY! The best perfume ever.

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Young Livings Description: The aroma of Joy™ invites a sense of romance, bliss, and warmth when diffused. When worn as a fragrance, it invites togetherness. My Version: This stuff is amazing and life changing! I wear it every single day! Apply just one drop over your heart when you need that mental and spiritual lift. For me, it sets my intention … Read More

Conditioner for your lovely locks

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Despite this weekends cool phase, it is getting warmer here in Phoenix and we are starting to use the pool. It only means one thing and that’s stringy & dry hair. Between the sun, Heated styling (hair straightener, etc) my hair can feel the effects. I use this hair treatment most nights before I go to bed. (it does mean … Read More

Disease = DIS Ease

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Take note right this moment of where your shoulders are. Are they around your ears? How are you breathing? Short an shallow, or long and peaceful? We are living in a stressful environment. Its everywhere. We are called the microwave society, because we want everything and we want it now! When was the last time you were ‘unplugged’? It still … Read More