Conditioner for your lovely locks

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Despite this weekends cool phase, it is getting warmer here in Phoenix and we are starting to use the pool. It only means one thing and that’s stringy & dry hair. Between the sun, Heated styling (hair straightener, etc) my hair can feel the effects. I use this hair treatment most nights before I go to bed. (it does mean … Read More

Glowing Skin

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I’ve had issues with my skin over the years. Its oily, I get break outs, I moved to Arizona and you can guess what happened. My skin dries out, it produces more oil and so then I break out. I try to over compensate with moisturizer, but then it just causes more issues. Its a cycle that I am sure … Read More

Lip Balm for kisses!

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Over the holidays I made several lip balms playing around with the recipe and this is now my new favourite! I like lip balms a lot and I like them with a little shine to them. Much better that the store bought kind that I have no idea what the ingredients are. This recipe makes about 8 tubes. Perfect for … Read More