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Musings from Caite! Hey y’all!!

Several years ago when my daughter was traveling in Utah, she visited the Young Living Mona farm and bought her first bottle of an essential oil. She was happy with her purchase and loved the oil. Months later she wanted to purchase more, went online and opened a Young Living account. Easy-peasy right?

Shortly thereafter she received numerous emails from total strangers providing random, sometimes interesting, information about Young Living. It was VERY confusing. “Why are these people contacting me?” To her, it was just seemed like another email advertising campaign. Within a short window of time the emails stopped.

That didn’t stop her from continuing to purchase her oils from Young Living however, it just meant that she was having to learn how to use them entirely on her own, which can be a daunting task in this digital world of conflicting information. New essential oil companies are popping up daily and the mis-information about how to use and safety related conversations are running rampant!

Fast forward several years later when more challenging wellness issues began to bubble up and she began searching for answers and ways to navigate the barrage of data found on the internet. Nothing so serious that required medical intervention, she just wanted to improve her wellness and make more natural choices for her life. Life stressors and the natural aging processes were beginning to tease that daily reminder that we don’t get to be forever young.

Gratefully a friend referred her to our dear Faye Hall, an avid wellness researcher, coach by profession, who also has a HUGE heart, listens to her questions, willingly provides her further education, and points her toward beneficial resources and tools for her continued learning. There was zero benefit to Faye for taking time with my daughter and I will be forever grateful she walks with us to support our path to wellness.

Faye examples, daily, that same showering of Young Living love and attention to anyone that shows up in her path. It is the stated purpose of Young Living — Wellness, Purpose and Abundance — that creates a culture of this type of generosity. Wellness is a choice, it cannot be forced upon people as much as we might love them and want better things for their lives. People get to choose that path for themselves.

So, if you are already a member of Young Living and are confused by the random emails, texts or phone calls coming from people you don’t know, this is why. You already have a membership! WooHoo! Young Living is a COMMUNITY of people that know from experience that using essential oils is a daily process and there is a learning curve. Continuing education is important!

What I have observed is that often the oils, and oil-infused products, are teachers (on SO many levels). We are their students. They teach us to listen to our bodies and pay attention and then WANT to make better choices. Using essential oils becomes a daily dedication to continuing to educate ourselves to find new ways to stay above the wellness line, and then putting action behind the new-found knowledge.

That’s a challenging path to try walk all on your own. For myself, I didn’t want to do it alone because the idea of doing it with a community of like-minded people made that challenge less overwhelming. Now we have GOOD resources to cross-check and people to bounce ideas off, and others to help us understand when we are getting mis-information and teach us how to get back on the right path. In other words, better OPTIONS for verifying the barrage of information and real people to have an actual, knowledgeable, conversation about how to use oils that will benefit our lives.

Faye Hall Thrive

This is the community you want! She’s the best!

If you don’t have a Young Living account and are looking for a dedicated community that will be willing to support your wellness journey, choose wisely. Choose a community that will walk WITH you and teach you what this essential oil use is all about and how there are simple, natural choices we can make to help daily improve our immunity, benefit sleep, support our digestion and brain, clear out harsh synthetic chemicals from our homes, all so that we can live fuller, healthier lives.

When you buy a Premium Starter Kit and get those 11 AMAZING oils and that high-quality diffuser, you also get a community to go with that purchase. Understand first who that community is and what they bring to the table because it’s a healthier ride when you have people to travel the path with you!

Starter Kit

Diffuser and 11 AMAZING Oils in every starter kit!

Thank you, Faye Hall, for walking the journey with us every day! We love and adore all you do for your Thriving with Essential Oils Community and deeply appreciate your dedication to our wellness.  —Caite Bellavia

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……. well, not going to pretend otherwise, advanced chronology is where I live and Ningxia Red supports EVERY system of the body in ways you cannot understand until you actually experience the product.  Seriously!  Best whole-food whole-body supplement ever!  If you don’t know about it time to get some and LEARN the benefits!  Just saying……


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