The truth about MLM’s and its place in the global economy

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I’ve received multiple inquiries recently about the membership with Young Living and the thought that there are strings attached to it. I want to dispel those myths and give you the real scoop.

Young Living IS a Network Marketing company or MLM. In today’s product market, there are many MLM’s (Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, It works). Check out the rankings of all of the different companies.
Its a really growing industry within today’s global economy and gives every folks a chance to earn an income. Multilevel marketing is a huge business. In 2011 direct selling (the vast majority of it through multilevel marketing) by around 16m distributors generated sales of almost $30 billion in America. Worldwide, some 92m distributors grossed $154 billion, according to the Direct Selling Association, an industry group.

Instead of paying for the distribution of products through stores and the expense of physical locations, they pay a fee to distributors like me as a small business. Which means I am part of your experience.

Young Living believe that in order for essential oils to be used well for vibrant health that it should come with appropriate information and education. That’s when it comes in the form of ME! My job is to help you use essential oils, find resources and plug you into helpful tools to guide you on your journey. Some of the things I do is loop you into our community, provide newsletters, host classes, share recipes and essential oil tips. Its what I love to do.

We are really about the marathon of life vs a quick fix (think of some of the weight loss, fixie type products that exist today). Our culture is about the journey of health. How do we pivot from the convenient chemical based life to the more natural ways to support longevity? Its all a journey and one good choice is better than none at all.Be empowered

Here are the facts:

  1. When you order an of the premium starter kits ($160) you become a member. (Most people start with the 11 essential oils and diffuser kit)
  2. You get 24% discount on anything else you wish to order.
  3. You DO NOT have to purchase anything else. In order to keep your account active and maintain the 24 %, you need to place one $50 order PER YEAR.
  4. There is no Monthly subscription (there is a monthly rewards program called Essential Rewards (ER) that is OPTIONAL)
  5. You do NOT have to sell anything. Of course, if you want to share in your new found love and earn some extra cash for your oil habit, we will help you every step of the way, but there is no need to. We will love you just the same.

What you do get is part of our Oilnuts community.
Me! I am available to you.  and…. An active Facebook group of people just like you needing suggestions and help. We share ideas and recipes and host the occasional contest for prizes. We host monthly classes and quarterly events which are free to you. We host make and takes where you can make items and try something new.

I became a member to make one good choice at a time. What I didn’t realize at that time was that I could help others do the same thing.

How can I help you get started today? Email me, or use the link below:

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