Time for a cleanse?

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How regular are you?

I am back from the UK! It’s awesome visiting my family and my roots, even if it is just a week.  Jet-lag gets me! Not in the sleep way most people think but in my body clock and mostly in the gut. I don’t know when to eat or when to skip to the loo, literally! My schedule for a #2 is quite strict, if I miss my window it’s all over for the day. My pants get tight and I feel a bit puffy and fluffy for the day. Its not fun really. I’m jealous of the people that can ‘go’ after every meal. My step-son is like that, we eat and then he wanders off upstairs and I’m like, “I haven’t even finished chewing yet!” (and believe me, I eat fast! We can talk about the story behind that another time).



OK, so back to jet-lag. They say it takes a day for every hour of time-difference to recover. That’s 8 days for me. The first few days I wake up at 2AM, hungry for a steak dinner, and by dinner-time I don’t want to eat.  I was talking with a few friends of mine who also have the same issue with their #2 when traveling so I was very validated to know it wasn’t just me. On prior trips I have traveled with Digize and used it frequently and it definitely helps. This time I was extra fluffy by the time I got back to the States.

I don’t eat terrible when I am there, in fact I eat considerably less, mostly because the portions are smaller and I am busy visiting. In addition to that, the food isn’t as altered as here in the US. For one: Monsanto is banned, as are other chemicals that are put in our food here. Good old Fish and Chips are pretty darn good.

When I got back on Sunday my ER points order had been delivered and I had ordered the cleansing trio. I was ready.

A Cleansing Trio

Cleansing Trio™ Kit contains the products you need to begin improving your health through cleansing your system and eliminating waste by specifically supporting normal liver function.* Augmented with herbs that are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, and essential oils, the Cleansing Trio will give you new energy and an improved sense of well-being. Kit includes: Essentialzyme, ComforTone, and ICP. (I’m reading this thinking how polite it is to say ‘eliminate waste’, instead of my direct #2).

Cleansing trio

It consists of 3 steps:

ICP: It’s known in the YL community as “I See Poop”. Now I understand why. 😮

Essentialzymes: Enzymes help break down the food and help the digestive process along. Take 3 tablets three times daily prior to or with meals. I took mine about an hour before food. Some mention chewing them for quicker activation, I didn’t do that.

Comfortone is a blend of essential oils to help sooth digestion while promoting regularity. Help sooth tummy gurgles and flutterings. Take 2-5 capsules before breakfast and bedtime. If you are extra bubbly, take 5.

Day 1: Took all my stuff. Finally started to feel like I was getting back on schedule.

Day 2: Glad I wasn’t far from a bathroom. I was like my stepson after every meal.

Day 3: No major issues today and I am no longer as fluffy and back on track.

Day 4: All good!

Day 5: Woohoo. I made it!

The bottom line

This stuff works FAST, and it isn’t harsh, its just like something that triggers your digestion into “I am going to do what I was meant to do”


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