What do you pack when you travel?

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Move over clothes, essential oils first. OK, maybe not that drastic, but I do have a list of essential oils and supplements I take whether its for a 3 day weekend or a 2 week trip abroad. You never know what you might need, and I hate being caught unprepared. Yes. I was a girl guide (aka girl scout).

I do actually take a diffuser with me. Mainly for purification in a hotel and to diffuse at night time before bed.

So what oils do I take?

Thieves – I Never ever leave home without this one. when you get out of your home environment, whether in a hotel, on a plane or with large groups ofAirplaneDefenses people at a theme park, continue to support you immune system with Thieves. Always remember prevention is better. I start taking Thieves vitality and using thieves on my feet at least a few days before I travel, especially when I am flying.

Inner Defense – Stress can lower the immune system as we know. Do you find yourself a bit stressed out until you get there? Or until you get through security at the airport? Did I forget something? Inner Defense is the best immune support I have found. I take one a day leading up to and during travel times.

Lavender – Its the swiss army of essential oils and has so many amazing proprieties. You can never go wrong for taking this one with you. Skin support for all the family and calming when you are trying to sleep in a strange place.

Peppermint Vitality – you never know when you might need a refreshing pick me up or you get too hot, or you need tummy support.

Stress Away – travelling is not stress free 😉

RC – Support your respiratory system with eucalyptus.

Purification – I always take this one and diffuse it as soon as I get into any hotel I am staying at, sometimes you just need to cleanse the air. Know what I mean? I also use it to freshen clothes if I can’t do laundry.

Digize – Never, ever leave the country without this one. You never know what that water supply is and you want to support a good healthy digestive tract.

Idaho Blue Spruce – I have found that this essential oil cam bring me out of an emotional tizzy in a second. Just one drop on the forehead and I’m back to earth.

Panaway or Deep Relief – you never know what you might get into to make your muscles sore.

Frankincense – Because its awesome. It has the same frequency as the brain and can support normal cell renewal. You never know when you might need that.

Thieves Spray – for Hotel rooms, plane bathrooms and in a pinch a hand cleanser.

EssentiaZyme – 4. Support your digestion while you aren’t eating as well as you do at home.

Then I have my regulars that I take daily and wouldn’t be without: Joy, Longevity, Lemon vitality, Ningxia Red, Master formula, Multi Greens, inner child (for my perfume) and always an LLP Roller. (This doesn’t include my personal care items)

What would you take with you?




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