Why we should use essential oils daily

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Using essential oils is a lifestyle. Many people come to me in crisis mode and ask me what essential oils they should use. At that point, I cannot prescribe, I am not a medical professional, nor do you want me to 😉premium starter kit

The key is to use essential oils daily and several times during the day to keep you above the wellness line. It’s like drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated. You wouldn’t not drink any water for days and then skip over to the ER when you needed IV fluids. Using oils is no different. I am not against western medicine by any imagination, the goal of oils, is for you to avoid the crisis. How much is a trip to the ER or Urgent care these days? $100?

  • If everyone around you is sick, or you have burned the candle at both ends, stressed. Use Thieves and copaiba BEFORE to prevent your immune system crashes. You want to support your immune system BEFORE your immune system crashes.
  • Full tummy? Go for Digize or peppermint in a glass of water or in a capsule to support your digestion BEFORE you get heartburn or indigestion.
  • Storms rolling in? Use RC BEFORE you can’t breathe.
  • Know you have a stressful day? Use Stress away to keep you calm

Get my drift?

Where do you start?

Start simple. The biggest question I get is. “How do I use them?”

Diffusing oils is one of the most convenient ways to use them You are breathing anyway, why not inhale some essential oils? Studies show that essential oils reach your heart, liver and thyroid in 3 seconds. The mist is propelled into the air in tiny particles where it lingers (because its so small, it doesn’t drop immediately o the floor). Added bonus. Your house will smell divine. Whatever talks to you, you can trust your instinct.

(Diffusing is better than candles or wax melts because they expel therapeutic grade essential oils) Candles and wax burners have no benefits are omit harmful chemicals into the air that we, our kids and our animals breathe)

Feet – Add thieves to the bottom of yours and your family’s feet before heading out to school and work to support your immune systems.

Add Lemon vitality to your water. Just one Drop. When you wake up in the morning, you haven’t had any water for a while. Drink a big glass of water with a drop of lemon vitality (no plastic glasses). If you are a sip water kind of person, add a drop of lemon vitality to your water bottle for the day. As you refill your water the lemon will linger all day long. YUM. Lemon is cleansing and contains the continent D’limonene.

2pm post lunch crash. Try inhaling a big ole whiff of peppermint. I like to add a drop under my tongue. (fair warning, its really strong), but boy will it wake you up!

Bath time: Add a drop of lavender, or Stress away to your bath for a great nights rest. More of a shower person? Swipe a Drop of RC

Put your oils where you will use them.

  • Put the diffuser in your living room or in your bedroom. Better yet, get an extra 🙂
  • Put your lemon by the kettle for your morning beverage
  • Put your Peppermint in your purse for that 2pm Slump
  • Put Stress away in your purse to roll on you before you get to work.
  • But the roller fitment on Thieves and leave it by shoes




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