Why your body didn’t revolt overnight

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How did you feel this morning when you woke up? FABULOUS IDesert mist kit and oils hope!! Or did you wake up, not rested, a little sore, cranky or something worse? I personally woke up a tad sore because I played Netball last night and while that ball is in the air, I don’t think of myself as 40 something, I think about how I am going to jump and stretch to catch that ball like I did when I was 20!

I hope you didn’t wake up with anything major!!

Our body doesn’t revolt over night. You don’t wake up with Epstein Barr. You don’t wake up with an auto immune disease. It doesn’t happen in a 12 hour window. It happens over YEARS.

I’ve recently been in a history mood after watching The Crown and then Victoria. (Of course, English History :)) As they sit around playing piano or painting, I am immediately calmed by their pace. Their glasses of wine are tiny (we serve HUGE in this house!) and their plates of food are whole foods and simple.  It makes me reflect on the world we live in today.

Our lives are so much more complicated. I definitely spend ‘time out’ doing something I love in the craft room, but it got me thinking to a broader lifestyle and conditioning we have been raised in. While the life expectancy is longer are we living the same QUALITY of life?

3 Perfume.dWe have been conditioned by society to treat symptoms. We have a headache and we pop a pill, we can’t sleep, that’s another pill, we eat like crap and turn to slim fast or some other chemical loaded shake. Convenience and schedules have turned us to fast food more than ever, we eat more and work out less. We are more stressed and take less time for ourselves. Relationships tax us, We are addicted to our phones and our chore list is never complete. We are addicted to being busy and not being. We are ‘human beings’. Not ‘human doers’.

People come to me all the time and ask, what oil can I use for this or that. Symptoms are clues. Clues to a body system not functioning properly. You don’t wait to drink water until you are dehydrated, its the same thing with oils. You didn’t wait to eat until you have malnutrition, you eat daily. Right? Using essential oils is no different. Using them daily to support your whole body just as food and water does.

The key to staying above the wellness line (when you drop below it you are sick) is to dance on the side of prevention. Eat well, Work out, Manage stress and use your oils.

A simple tip is put them in a place where you use them.

  • Put a diffuser in your bedroom and put your lavender there with it
  • Put your frankincense in your medicine cabinet that you visit ever day
  • Put the Lemon next to the kettle for  your warm lemon drink in the mornin.

While using essential oils can be overwhelming at first, you will learn quickly! Think about that hobby you just learned, or the job you have. Did you know everything write away? NO! You had tools and help to helpyou learn. That’s why we are here.

Love and Peace!


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