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It seems only appropriate to have this book review, for this very book, to be my first blog post.  I’ve been stuck on starting this blog for over four years.  I’ve talked about it repeatedly, thought about it endlessly, but done nothing.  Reading Start proved to be just the final kick in the pants that I needed to … well …. Start.

Need inspiration to get unstuck?  If your professional life (or even your personal life) is not moving, or not moving in the direction you’d like, then Start” is the book for you.  Acuff’s hilarious style trumps every boring business book out there.  You’ll draw inspiration to Start from 256 pages of his personal anecdotes, quips, and all around business experience.  Acuff’s presence on social media makes him feel like a long-time friend.   My favorite quote from the book, and I told Jon Acuff this when I heard him speak at a retreat in May, 2015, is on page 117.  “…always play to the size of your heart, not to the size of your audience.”  I often struggle with the numbers in my goals – I always shoot for huge numbers – often impossible numbers – then I’m disappointed if I miss the mark.  Acuff says “Awesome doesn’t let the crowd determine the size of the performance.” He told a great story of a band that he saw in concert that really brought this home for me; it’s not about how many people you are performing for – it’s about your heart for the performance.  It was my inspiration to finally just start this blog – whether there’s one person here reading, or a million, I’ll shoot from the heart and give you the best content I can.

What holds you back from chasing your dreams?  Are you stuck in a dead-end job, or a job you hate?  YOU need a dose of “Start.”  Courage isn’t always screaming, sometimes it is a quiet voice, like “Start” nudging you to go ahead and escape average on your path to awesome.  The front of the book reads “Punch Fear in the Face.  Escape Average.   Do Work That Matters.”  Yes, that’s it.

acuff inscription in Start

Jon Acuff’s inscription in my book “Start.”

What better way to “Start” a new activity, or overcome the fear causing you to hesitate, than by a talk with a friend?  Acuff’s down to earth, humorous, and relatable style helps you feel like you had just that, and his humor keeps you turning the pages with anticipation for what hilarious antidote or story he will come up with next.


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I met Jon Acuff for the first time in May 2015 at the Young Living Mona, UT farm.  He spoke to our group about his new book, “Do Over” which I will review soon.