Mermaid Hair Conditioner/Detangler

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Here is a DIY spray that I use everyday.  It’s Mermaid Hair conditioner. I spray on my wet hair after I get out of the shower. I only use Young Living essential oils.  I know they are the purest. They support your hair and scalp and makes combing through tangles so easy. Smells great so I get tons of compliments.  … Read More

Essential Oils: Protestor to Proponent – An Educational Journey

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by Tommy Thompson “What in the heck are essential oils?” was my reply to my wife’s declaration that we were going to start using essential oils in our home.  So began our journey down that road leading to our enlightenment about these wonderful products.  I guess I really did not know enough to actually protest at that time.  They say … Read More

Essential Oils: Your Path to Chemical Free Living at Home

Patricia (Trish) ThompsonEssential Oils

by Tommy Thompson Many of us today have become increasingly aware of the intrusion of chemicals and toxins into our lives.  We know that all of us deal with increasing toxic insults into our environment–in the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat, the products we use to cleanse and beautify our homes and … Read More

Safe Use of Essential Oils And Essential Oil Blends

Patricia (Trish) ThompsonEssential Oils

by Tommy Thompson I have discussed essential oils (EO’s) in two previous articles as they relate to chemical free living and the journey in my ongoing education regarding these amazing natural products and their use in helping our body do what it is naturally designed to do–heal itself.  I believe that nature is constantly striving for balance, homeostasis if you … Read More