Essential Oils: Your Path to Chemical Free Living at Home

Patricia (Trish) ThompsonEssential Oils

by Tommy Thompson

Many of us today have become increasingly aware of the intrusion of chemicals and toxins into our lives.  We know that all of us deal with increasing toxic insults into our environment–in the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat, the products we use to cleanse and beautify our homes and bodies, and the medications that we take to keep us “healthy”.  I am quite sure there are other areas that you may come up with if you give it some serious thought.  Some of these things are totally beyond our control, as we are at the mercy of corporate and government decisions that may focus more on healthy bottom lines than healthy choices for the consumer.  Unfortunately, some of the blame has to fall on us individually, as we are prone to choose products based on habit, lack of education on what toxins and chemicals are in these products, or lack of knowledge of viable, healthy alternative products. What we all must realize is that these toxic chemicals affect us in spite of our attempts to eat right, exercise, meditate, and make what we would otherwise call healthy individual choices.


Hopefully, you have surmised from the title of this article that high quality essential oils, and products infused with these oils, can be important adjuncts in making alternative product selections that do not contain harmful, artificial chemicals and toxins.  Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic portion of the plant fluids that are responsible for the characteristic fragrance and flavor that the plant normally exhibits.  Their importance to the life of the plant is much akin to the importance of the blood that is currently coursing through your arteries and veins, carrying nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the various cells that make up who you are.  When extracted from the plants by proper steam distillation procedures, these oils are potent and very concentrated.  While the fragrance of these oils is usually quite lovely, it is about much more than smell.  It has been shown through research over the past twenty years that pure, unadulterated essential oils can render valuable health benefits to us.  These oils can help support, balance and enhance our body systems at the cellular level.  With balanced systems, our body can do what it was originally designed to do–restore itself to and maintain itself in a healthy state.  The body is in a constant state of battle with the various toxins and chemicals that it is exposed to in this day and time, something it was never intended to do.  This leads to an imbalance of systems, which, in turn, eventually leads to the development of a state of impaired health.  Elimination of these artificial toxins in and around us has to be the starting point.  To think that we can completely eliminate them from our lives is probably folly.  Fortunately, essential oils are very good detoxifiers, as long as they themselves are pure and unadulterated. By using proper distillation techniques and avoiding the addition of chemical enhancers, fillers, and extenders, these oils can become very important weapons in your arsenal of alternative, holistic methods to help the body fight its battle.  These oils and products infused with these oils can also be used to replace the majority of the chemically-laden products that most people use every day.

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So many of the products that are used on a daily basis contain chemicals that are potent hormone disruptors.  As our body naturally strives for that internal balance of systems, these hormone disruptors are producing effects that are opposing this process.  If these chemicals disrupt this natural process by either blocking or mimicking a natural hormone, like estrogen, problems begin to develop at the cellular level.  It is important to note that although there may be no immediate, obvious symptom of the turmoil going on inside your body, the story at the cellular level would look quite different.  Prolonged exposure will eventually produce symptoms, although neither you nor your physician may be able to determine the exact cause.  If this is the case, it would behoove you to take a good look at all of the products that you use on a fairly regularly basis and start reading labels.  Your radar should go up if you see on the ingredients list words like parabens, polyethylene glycol(PEG), sodium laurel sulfate(SLS), triclosan, fragrance, FD&C pigments, aluminum, phthalates, and DEA to name a few. Many of these are found in personal care products that you use each day, and none of the effects of these chemicals are good for you.  There are many other chemical additives that are just as dangerous to your health, probably thousands.  Many of these are chemicals that are banned as additives in other countries, but seem to have no trouble getting approved for use here in the US.  This shows that you cannot count on anyone else to adequately look out for the health of your family and yourself, except you.  Become an informed ingredient list reader and do your own research on these chemicals.  You may be very surprised at what companies are allowed to put into products that we use to clean our homes, to beautify our person, and to ingest every day.  Your health is not their main concern.


Many of these commercial products can be replaced with alternative products that do not rely on laboratory created chemicals for their effectiveness.  Essential oil-containing products, beauty aides, nutritional supplements, and pure essential oils by Young Living can help you live a healthier life and have a chemical-free home. This company provides only chemical-free products designed to promote health and wellness.  The quality and purity of their single oils, blends, and oil-infused products is made possible by their proprietary Seed-To-Seal guarantee. There are also many DIY household and personal products that you can make yourself that can help lessen the toxic assault that we are exposed to daily.  A little internet search for these DIY products will yield a bounty of alternative ideas to commercially produced, chemically-enhanced products.  I urge you to at least consider alternatives to these products that are produced for our use, with minimal attention being paid to our safety, especially long term.  Start by replacing just one cleaning product with a chemical-free substitute and replace each commercial product as you use it up instead of buying more of the same.  Your cells will thank you for it.  It’s your life.  It’s your health.  Be empowered to take control.  Having a chemical-free home is possible, and it is certainly a healthier alternative to what most of America does.  Maybe you can’t replace everything, but you can replace some things, and that is a good start.

Disclaimer:  Tommy and his wife, Patricia, are Independent Distributors for Young Living Essential Oils