Tutorial: Writing Your First Blog Article

downloadBlogging 101: A Few Things You Might Like to Know

Whether you have never blogged before or if you have somewhat been blogging for a while – this tutorial might help you.

Not only does Jeremy go over basic blogging functions (like how to start, edit and post), he also covers things that will help you actually get your blog found on Google when someone does a search that might come close to what you’re posting about.  That is how strangers find your site on Google and there are things you can do that will make your site very unique and indexed by Google search engines.

So, not only might you learn the basics from this tutorial, but the more experienced bloggers might also learn a trick or two from someone who used to write blogs for large clients (so to get more traffic to their sites).

JUST A SIDE NOTE HERE:  We have heard that one ‘competitor’ website offers integration with YL’s blog – meaning that they post all of YL’s blogs to your website blog.  That sounds marvelous in theory, however, what happens to your website when this is done is not good, in fact, it’s extremely detrimental to your Young Living website!  Why? Because when a lot of people have the same exact content on their blogs their site becomes a “duplicate” in Google search engines and in effect, you’re “tossed out” for the search results.  This is because Google does not want to return a ton of duplicate sites when someone searches for something, it wants to deliver unique matches to people searching for information.

Again, we have you covered!  Please watch this pre-recorded WEBINAR (view it like a video) to learn how to blog from your website or learn some really neat tricks if you already know the basics of blogging!

Blogging 101: Writing Your First Blog Article – Find this exclusive training in your website’s dashboard area under “Website How-To Videos”