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Tinesja and Charito are the founders of the Vibrant Droppers Team. We are excited to share the many life enhancing benefits of our Young Living Essential Oils with our communities.

Tinesja Vanel: I am a passionate wife and mother of 3 grown up beautiful and ambitious children and three cuddly cats. We live in North Vancouver, Canada. My husband Delmar and I have been married for 44 years! In my professional life I received a degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education while living in Switzerland until we moved to Canada. In my thirties motherhood was my main focus and is what triggered my interest in natural health. I was tired of the constant re-occurring colds, upset tummies, sick pets etc. Our family doctor was not able to provide the relief I sought. Life became a struggle. I started to question the prevailing medical paradigm. In my search for a natural solution I discovered the therapeutic power of pure essential oils. They were the answer to my prayers! Thereafter my children would ask “Mom, what oil do I need today?” Soon my family called me Dr. Mom! I felt liberated. The oils removed a heavy burden as we were now walking the vibrant path of health.

Today our children enjoy radiant health. Even our cats receive compliments about their shining coats and agility. Vet visits are a rarity. Anyone feeling out of sorts? Essential Oils to the rescue!

Young Living has become a major lifeline in our family, much like drinking enough purified water daily. The best purchase I ever did, is the PREMIER AROMA COLLECTION that contains 120 essential oils! With this I am set up for everything! Beside my oils, I love my wonderful oil infused beauty products like the SHERLUMEE face cream and the BEAUTY SERUM, both in the A.R.T. line, they let me experience Aromatherapy first thing in the morning and last thing at night! And best of all, Delmar loves the the gentle smell, that is enough to make me sold on these beauty products! Another fun way essential oils enhance my life: Every time I clean my house using the THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER I appreciate the fact to receive therapy while doing cleaning chores! Talking about our pets, they smell like a bouquet of meadow flowers after a bath with the ANIMAL SCENTS SHAMPOO! My fantastic daily energy support is the SLIQUE COMPLETE MEAL PROTEIN POWDER. I add it to my after exercise smoothie where I mix it with a bunch of fresh greens. It tastes divine and nourishes me beautifully!

Tinesja presently runs a Natural Health and Detoxification Centre in North Vancouver, British Columbia. There she offers colon hydrotherapy treatments, infrared sauna, raindrop massage and individual educational sessions on health promoting lifestyles that include learning the use of Young Living essential Oils. She also holds occasional classes on this subject. You can reach her clinic at 604-318-7662.

Charito Kaay

I hold a degree in Biochemistry and Environmental engineering. I am excited to lend my 10 year experience as a Senior Project Manager in an international engineering consulting company now to the profession of my choice: An educator of Natural Healthy Life Styles. I am also a certified raw food chef and Lifestyle counsellor. It was the raw food diet and the Young Living Essential Oils that have saved my life a few years back, when I was severely ill and had to take medical leave of absence from my work. To tell the truth, I never returned to my “old” job. Through my healing process I became motivated about sharing my skills and knowledge as a scientist with my community, educating and empowering them to reduce their overall exposure to everyday harmful chemicals, one of the main reasons for my past illness . I now also specialize in the use of our oils in support of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Another passion is the Young Living opportunities to reach our dreams through abundance on all levels!

My favourite oil is the DiGize oil blend. It helped me to overcome severe digestive issues and now keeps my digestion work at peak! And of course, the king of all oils, Frankincense keeps my mental clarity at peak too! The Thieves essential oil blend runs in my diffuser everyday, keeping nasty molds and intrusive bugs at bay. The Ningxia Red powerful and nutrient rich berry elixir enriched with specific oils has become my daily companion. The Ningxia Nitro energy booster is with me whenever I like to have an extra “pick me up” or before and after strenuous exercise. Needless to say, I bless my oils and oil enhanced products daily!

Charito runs the Young Living Essential Oils Headquarters in Vancouver where she performs counselling sessions and holds educational seminars weekly. For appointments you may reach her at 778-708-0750.