Coco Rosey Lip balm

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Coco-Rosey Lip Balm Recipe
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp grated cocoa butter
1 Tbsp dried rosebuds (or any dried flower, green tea, etc.)
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil (or 3 punctured, squeezed out vitamin E capsules)
3 drops rose essential oil (optional, or substitute lavender, vanilla, or sweet orange)
On very low heat, melt the coconut oil in a small stainless steel bowl or pot. After the oil is liquid, add your roses (or other dried flowers) and stir well. Allow to steep (again, on very low heat) for 1 hour. Strain oil into a bowl through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Wipe out your original heating pot/bowl, pour oil back in, and return to heat. Add cocoa butter and stir until melted. Remove from heat, add vitamin E oil and essential oil and stir well. Transfer to a small container and let set for 3 hours (or until completely set).

Note: Because this is predominately coconut oil, DO NOT put this in a lip balm tube, and do not keep it in your pocket. Coconut oil liquefies rapidly with just a small amount of heat, and if you keep it somewhere warm (like next to your hot little body), it’ll leak all over.