The Bible Oils


The Oils of Ancient Scripture Also called The Bible Oils                                

Spring Break Skin Care

Are you or your college age kids heading out for a sunny spring break vacation? You need to have this.  Put it in your suitcase right now. Get 2 bottles, because someone will borrow yours and use it all up – I guarantee it. *ahem, hubby who doesn’t use enough sunscreen* This is my #1 favorite product for after spending time … Read More

Boost Your Nutrition With Young Living Part 1

Who knew you could boost your nutrition with Young Living products? It took me awhile to learn about all the great oil-infused products available to us, so consider yourself ahead of the curve 😉 Oils are awesome. But did you know that they are even more effective when your body is getting its nutritional needs met? And thereby you will … Read More

Learning About EOs – Peppermint

Fresh, cool, yummy peppermint! This is the most-used oil in my house. We love it to help perk up sleepyheads in the morning, and to help promote normal digestive function. Try inhaling it when driving to enhance alertness. Or press a drop into the roof of your mouth and wake up your brain! (that’s my favorite way to do it! … Read More

Friendship…Why Is It SO Hard To Find?

I recently entered my 40s and I gotta say…I’m happy with where I am.  It’s a life stage of quality vs. quantity. I am an introvert, most of my best friends I have met through the internet and live in other states. It’s strange, but comfortable. Good friends are not so easy to find. Does anyone else feel that way? … Read More

7 Things To Look For When Choosing A Home Business Company


Have you been looking for  work that you can do at home? I am so thankful to be a stay at home mom, but I love having something that helps fill my Proverbs 31 Woman desire to be helpful and fruitful for my family. I actually wasn’t looking for a “job” when I started with Young Living. It found me. … Read More

Get a FREE Diffuser!


WHAT? It’s true! Young Living is giving all 300 pv orders this month a FREE diffuser! I have NEVER seen an offer so good. Don’t let it slip past you. This would be a great Christmas gift – for you OR someone you love. If this pv is a bit high for you, then get some friends to go in … Read More

Autoship Is A Dirty Word


You know those companies that automatically enroll you in a monthly autoship or make it mandatory to be part of the company? Yeah – me too! I HATE that! It feels slimy and nobody likes being tricked. Autoship is a dirty word in my book, and for good reason. I have this prickly part in me that is suspicious of … Read More

Amazing Skincare With Essential Oils


Did you know that the Premium Starter Kit contains the ingredients for simple, amazing skincare with essential oils? Going back to the beginning…I was looking for a miracle when I bought my kit almost 4 years ago. My skin needed hellllllllp! A friend told me to try Young Living oils and I had huge noticeable difference in my skin in about 3 … Read More