Website Traffic Tips & Getting Your Site to Work for You


Getting Website Traffic

Getting website traffic from the internet is almost everyone’s question.  This is a very interesting subject, and you will get all sorts of answers and many of those answers depend on what they are selling!  In this article, I am going to provide you with ideas for using all the resources and tools that offers to assist you in getting your Young Living personal website noticed by search engines (like Google) and drive traffic to your site!


Before I get more into this, I need to go over how to use your website most effectively.

Your website is primarily meant to be your professional & business presence on the internet and a tool to help further educate a curious person.  It is my solid belief that the two things a person in business need in order to appear professional, are a website and a business card.  And since this is network marketing where duplication is KING, your website decisions will affect everything going forward. CLICK HERE TO READ.

  • Your Young Living personal website is actually a marketing/follow up tool that you can use to further educate those who are curious about the oils.  If you sent them to Young Living’s giant corporate website you might never know if they signed up, nor would you have any chance of capture their information because they wouldn’t be able to sign up to your drip email marketing series, Essential Oils 101 Email Class (which slowly tells them more and more about Young Living) and you would likely lose that prospect.
  • It is also a where you send someone who is ready to sign-up under you (easy access to your Young Living sign-up form, pre-filled with your member number).
  • It is what you will put on business cards – remember, that is the other thing you should have.
  • You’ll share your Young Living website link in your social media areas to generate curiosity and interest.
  • It can be used for promoting events.   This is a unique tool because it doesn’t even have to be your own events, it could be a corporate event you share or an upline’s events.  Go ahead and get super creative with this.
  • It’s a place to share with prospects, from your heart, in your blog etc.  We teach you how to use this tool in an hour-long pre-recorded webinar class, that can be found in your dashboard area under “Website How-To Videos”.

In other words, just because your site is on the internet does not mean it will ever generate “raw” traffic and convert into sales.  In fact, that is not really how “network” marketing works.  I have even seen folks purchasing “traffic” from online sellers who promise a ton of traffic and hits to your website – and this is usually a colossal failure because they are not actually sending qualified/interested prospects but just sending “hits” to your site.  Sadly this unethical activity is common.  I’ve never seen this type of activity work in network marketing.


With that said, I have more tips & tricks to share as well.


Raw Internet Traffic

main-qimg-7c3d5cb56bb7521ed304dd547a600bf8With all that said, getting “raw” internet traffic to your Young Living personal website and then you being able to convert them to a sale under you does require a few strategic actions on your part and it can be done if you incorporate all the actions of a successful website.  I refer to “raw internet traffic” and this basically means people who just come upon your website from the internet.

All of these things are your best friend…



Using effective LEAD CAPTURE that allows you to provide a way to get that viewer’s name and email is extremely important because then you can follow up with them. offers a stunningly effective lead capture system that you should take advantage of to offer something of value to your website visitor.  Note that an effective lead capture with emphasis on the word “effective” because just asking someone to “sign up for my newsletter” or subscribe to a blog is generally not going to be enough.

Think about it, this person is probably not aware of what oils really are or how to use them and they might just like to learn more about them without feeling “sales” pressure.  The lead capture you have on your site invites your prospect to sign up for an Essential Oils 101 Email Class, at no cost!  See, the sign-up form cleverly invites the prospect to receive something that is valuable, for FREE – which is a 28-part Essential Oils class – sent out every few days. (This is pre-written for you and you can preview it first and edit if you need).

Your lead capture attaches to a very high-quality Email Marketing system (drip email system).  This is a veryar robust system that you can do so many things with, even contact management.  This tool also includes a pre-written Newsletter that goes out twice a month to your team. These twice-monthly newsletters are geared toward your team and customers to keep them interested in the oils with providing them with DIY projects, special announcements and information to help then decide to buy more products etc.

This robust system also provides you with a fantastic series of emails that you can have automatically sent to your new customers who have purchased an essential oils PSK!  This helps teach them how to use the kit and gets them USING it (a key thing to retention).    These tools will go far in helping you build your business.   CLICK HERE to learn more about it.


SLIDE IN – We offer a great tool for adding completely personal and upfront messages, ads or just about anything – that is personally from you and right on the homepage (or any other selected page).  You could even put your favorite YL video there and have it show up when they arrive, or you can offer free sign up gifts (if allowed) coupled with encouragement to get the FREE oil class series you offer, showcase a YL special promotion that you like…..etc. etc. etc. etc.

You can even highlight one of your blog posts in this feature, which would draw attention to a particular post.  This feature is SO robust that you can do SO much with it.  Change it up weekly or not.  Imagination is the key here.  Perhaps ask others in the group how they have used it, I have seen genius creativity with it (and hope they are not too busy with their business to see the post lol).  Training on how to set it up, can be found in your website’s dashboard area under “Website How-To Videos” and isn’t nearly as hard as one might think, even though it is an advanced feature of your site (this video refers to using MailChimp as a lead capture, but MailChimp is NO LONGER BEING USED).



Writing a blog gets you noticed and indexed on Google searches sends interested traffic to your site and allows you to constantly stay current.  A website that reflects a live person is “there somewhere” is far more utilized than a standing shell.  Our blog webinar is a recorded training class showing you exactly HOW to write a blog article that will get picked up by Google and how to get hits because of your blog.  Very good insider information here.  This training is found in your website dashboard area under “Website How-To Videos”.   Get yourself some quiet, uninterrupted time, grab a shot of NingXia, pen & paper and pull up this class to watch.  I encourage you to take notes for SEO (search engine optimization).

Writing a blog is KEY to attracting INTERESTED raw internet traffic.  You do not have to be great at it, just do one a month if that is all the time you have.  I have also grabbed some of Young Living’s blog articles and used them (just copy & paste) – and ensure you give credit to Young Living’s blog and a link back to it.  This is not the ideal thing to do unless you are fairly used to using WordPress blog because you should remove all the links that will be in the article if you copy/paste it.

Funny story, the other day I was writing information about Young Living’s essential oils and I did a few internet searches during the project and you would be shocked at how many of our own customer’s Young Living personal websites came up immediately for me to read!  And yes, the information was perfect!   (P.S. in case you wonder why I have used “”, “Young Living” and “personal website” so many times, the answer is found in our blog training video!  It has a very important role.


You have access to free graphics that you can use in your blog posts or in social media, and that is also found in your dashboard area under FREE GRAPHICS.  You can even send us graphics ideas and we will put it on our list.  This library has been being re-built since the harsh compliance issues in 2014 hit.


Here is a short video that you can watch as it really aligns your thoughts to how to make this website “work” for you.  CLICK HERE to see video: Getting Your Website to WORK For You

Sharing your website link on social media posts and anytime you talk about Young Living on social media is a must.  We have an overwhelmingly large library of short training videos to help you with a ton of things, including how to use social media.  You can find all these very short trainings in your dashboard area, and this particular training is called “ONLINE ACADEMY”.


Customization of your website gets you closer to reflecting what you prefer.  You can do this by changing the buttons (colors, shape, size etc), fonts (colors, size, style), background image (or use no image) and using a personal logo in the upper title area, will certainly go a long way to making your site reflect your own personality.   I have seen some awesome customizations!  You get to the customization option from your website dashboard.  Training on how to use the customizer can be found in your website’s dashboard area under “Website How-To Videos”.  Be prepared for a long class and I would suggest taking notes or doing it alongside of watching the video.



Training for Your Website.  You have a section in your dashboard where we teach you how to use the features of your site.  In this area, you’ll find ALL of the short videos as well as longer classes for more advanced features.  Spend some time in this section learning the little tricks and features of your website.  Again, you will also find this in your dashboard area, called“Website How-To Videos”.


Business Building Training.  I said before, but in case you missed it, we have an overwhelmingly large library of short training videos to help you with a ton of things, including how to use social media.  You can find all these very short trainings in your dashboard area, under “Online Academy”.




I hope this has helped you get some great ideas for how to use a business website and how to take advantage of all the tools that allow you to stand out and get noticed.  I have not covered every aspect of your website in this article, and if you have further questions about your website, CLICK HERE to see our extensive “frequently asked questions” about the website in general.



On the off chance, you are not yet a personal website owner and want to get your own, please CLICK HERE to get your own website, (or use the affiliate link of the person who shared this article with you).

I know you have many options when making a decision on which Young Living personal website fits your specific needs, but there are certain things that are far more important than other things when it comes to choosing a personal website.  CLICK HERE to read an article that you might find helpful while trying to decide.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR –  Spanning the past 24 years, Meshell Little has been very successful in network marketing.  She has built several large and lasting organizations in MLM and has created success in others along the way.  She has learned that helping others succeed is the only way one can truly succeed in network marketing.