Nourish Your Hair & Scalp with Young Living

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The transition towards a more chemical-free, toxin-free lifestyle should also include the products you choose to use for hair & scalp care.  It is so important to realize that what we put on our skin or hair is also absorbed into our body.  So where are you in this process?  … Read More

Kick Your Sugar Addiction

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2-Part Series, The Sugar Addiction In the first article, Dr. Lustig helps us to identify many of the hidden sugars in are daily food intake.  If you haven’t watched his 90 min. video on YouTube, “Sugar, The Bitter Truth”, I encourage you to do so.  Dr. Lustig provides us much … Read More

Kick Your Sugar Addiction

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Kick Your Sugar Addiction card with colorful background

2-Part Series, The Sugar Addiction I am compelled to also share this discussion for your health.  Our modern-day American food industry, marketing strategies that push all the right buttons in our minds, and the intial low-fat diet craze has done a fantastic job in leading us on and convincing us … Read More

NingXia Red for 360 Health

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It’s not just any wolfberry juice; this particular wolfberry from Ningxia Province, China and how Young Living prepares it for the NingXia Red drink exceeds the nutritional value of anything else available today. The delay for the world to come to understand the nutritional value of this fruit is likely … Read More

Creamy Chocolate Mint Massage Butter

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Chocolate Spa Mask

(From our Common Scents Team Mom, Stacy, who recommends this for a special Valentine:) From time to time, I’ll get a Chocolate Pedicure from my local spa.  This would make a wonderful option for a home spa experience; even a special face mask.  Let’s get creative with Young Living Essential … Read More

Emotional Release through Aromatherapy

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Presently, on my desk, I have Young Living’s Believe and Abundance Essential Oils.  For this season in my life, I find great influence and shift in my emotions as I pray for my year ahead.  I am looking forward to experiencing others like Clarity, Highest Potential & Transformation.  Although aromatherapy … Read More

Oil-Infused Cuticle Balm

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The possiblities and use of therapeutic essential oils to care for our bodies naturally is so exciting. If you can think it, you can create it!  The really exciting part is that these products will not only meet a need, but also provide support that safely works with your body. … Read More

Keep Your Oil Flowing, Part 2

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We must be diligent in our lifestyle approach of wellness & self care. We must also remain intentional with using our Young Living Essential Oils and discovering new ways to use them in our lives, as well as sharing this new understanding with others.  There are so many possibilities with … Read More

Keep Your Oil Flowing

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In this 2 part blog, I simply want to encourage you to keep your oils flowing. What I mean is begin to pay attention to your body daily and what it needs for support.  Stay attuned to how you are feeling and keep your essential oils nearby.  When you choose … Read More

Quiet the Mind

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{From our Common Scents Mom, Young Living Diamond, Stacy} A few years ago, I started using therapeutic grade vetiver essential oil on one of my daughters who often struggles with sensory issues. She loves it, and it smells so nice. I use it now, too, but I’ll get to that … Read More