Keep Your Oil Flowing

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In this 2 part blog, I simply want to encourage you to keep your oils flowing. What I mean is begin to pay attention to your body daily and what it needs for support.  Stay attuned to how you are feeling and keep your essential oils nearby.  When you choose to begin with Young Living Essential Oils, please understand it is a process for you to learn, understand & grow.  Our bodies change over the years and it demands greater care to perform optimally. There are so many incredible resources to help us learn how to use these powerful, natural, therapeutic essential oils that Young Living offers us.  They have been given for our benefit to stay strong and to support our fabulous bodies.

Keep Your Oil Flowing, Part 1


So are you stuck with your Young Living Essential Oils, or feel like you are not using them as you should, or maybe not as often as you should?   I understand.  When I first received my collection I kept them all neat together near my diffuser.  Can you relate?  How do you store them?   Or maybe you haven’t opened the box yet, because you are not even sure what to do.  Oy Vey!!  Contact me right now.   We need to make sure you have your reference guide and do a quick review.  Go to the Unboxing Video for support.

As I began to learn more & learn how to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils and Oil-Infused Supplements into every aspect of my life, I soon realized that I needed them “to be where I was using them”.   So here’s an idea of what it looks like for me, for now.

In my bathroom:

  • Ortho Sport Massage Oil, massage on my hips, low-back, shoulders & kneesFace-Cleanse
  • Balm of Gilead bar soap to cleanse my face (or any Young Living Beauty Products, I am gradually getting there)
  • 2 drops Frankincense with my DIY natural moisturize
  • Thieves, I use the entire Thieves line for toothpaste, foaming hand soap, cleaning

In my bedroom with my Dewdrop Diffuser:

DewDrop-IG-YLDist I have Sacred Frankincense, Cedarwood, White Angelica,  Valor & again Lavender.  My favorite right now is 3 drops  Cedarwood and 1 drop White Angelica….Ahhhhh!!

So you see, my oil collection is growing and I am using  them  every day because they are where I am.  I am  transferring the  dollars I would have  already spent on  inferior products to  buy my essential oils and supplements  through Essential Rewards.


Each month with my Essential Rewards Auto-Ship, I am purchasing what I need for the household and what I need for my beauty products, DIY, supplements, etc.  As a Young Living Member I am receiving the 24% discount, and I am now saving an additional 15%.  {Learn More} Each day I am feeling better, and understanding more of what my body needs & what my family needs.  You can can do this too!  You just have to decide if Wellness is the lifestyle you desire, and take it one step at a time.  There is so much support with Young Living’s global community. Let’s get you going with Young Living and sharing in a lifestyle that offers more wellness, purpose & abundance!


To Be Continued…

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