Lemon Essential Oil

Caryn ChandlerGetting Started


Yes!  Your beautiful Young Living box has arrived.  Well, what are you waiting for “open it”!  Undo all that exceptional care that has gone into packing your oils.  Did you know Young Living has even considered the paper source for their packaging?  Every detail of purity from Seed to Seal has been thought through for you.

Unpacking Your Premium Starter Collection, Lemon

Oh the wonderful aroma of pure lemon essential oil… Just crack the seal and enjoy it for a moment!  The powerful benefits of this seemingly simple oil is sure to become a favorite.  Fun Fact:  It takes 75 lemons to make (1) 15ml bottle; and you may have not realized the oil comes from the rind not the pulp.

Dietary Supplement

Primary benefits:1-Lemon

  • Includes the naturally occuring constituent limonene
  • Enhances the flavors of food and water
  • A key ingredient in Thieves, NingXia Red, Inner Defense

Lemon contains the naturally occurring constituent limonene. Research It:  Be sure to look up limonene for further understanding. It’s exciting! Essential oils are very complex and it takes years to understand the multiple benefits.  If you are ready, just start adding 1 to 3 drop to your water to experience how it tastes and makes you feel.


I simply could not get enough Lemon Oil when I first started.  It was in my “glass lined” tumbler every single day for probably the first 2 months.  Oh! my body was literally drinking in all the benefits I was receiving. This fresh, crisp citrus flavor just may become your favorite too.  🙂



Here’s a TIP:  If drinking water with essential oils, do not use a plastic or Styrofoam cup! The oils will break down the plastic, which will leach into your drink. Also, essential oils “eat” petrochemicals. Don’t believe me? Try putting a drop on an inflated balloon!


Enjoy the journey and give yourself time to personally expereince the benefits of each oil. Every one of us will have a differenct response to each oil.  I can’t tell you exactly what will be your experiences.  Enjoy the process of dicovery.  I am very excited to walk with you on this path to better health, greater wellness & more abundant living.  As a Young Living Member, you will enjoy a 24% discount on your oils and oil-infused products, obtain support from a like minded community of wellness, and stay up-to-date with Young Living’s global community.


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