Realize the Value of Essential Rewards

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Improve Health, Great Rewards! If you aren’t using Essential Rewards you are losing money. Young Living offers an incredibly generous program that allows you to get paid back in points for every purchase you make through their monthly auto-ship program called Essential Rewards.  Did you say Money Back?  Yesss!!  This … Read More

Stress Away Essential Oil

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Young Living continues to listen to its global members and has included this very popular oil in the Premium Starter Kit.  The sweet, pleasant flavors of lime essential oil and vanilla included in Stress Away is a wonderful way to promote daily wellness and support your personal health regimen.  So … Read More

Thieves Essential Oil

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For the love of Thieves!!  For 2 years it seems all I kept hearing was… “you gotta try Theives!”…my friends would say.  Guess what?  Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit has Thieves Essential Oil. Yes, I love Thieves!!  It is now a staple in our home and a part of my … Read More

PanAway Essential Oil

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PanAway is a popular essential oil containing a soothing blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint.  I can’t wait until you smell this beautiful blend and apply this mild oil to your joints and muscles. By applying PanAway after exercise, this may help increase circulation and support the body’s natural recovery … Read More

Copaiba Essential Oil

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Copaiba essential oil has a pleasant, complex taste, and when taken internally, can promote wellness.*  Take daily as a dietary supplement, combine with honey, or dilute well with warm water and take internally to enjoy Copaiba as an important part of a daily health regimen.  I have very much enjoyed … Read More

Frankincense Essential Oil

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Recognized from the Bible as one of the 3 gifts brought to Christ when he was born, Frankincense (scientific name Boswellia carteri) has been used for thousands of years.  This oil is devine and having it included in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is an absolute gift.  If you have … Read More

Purification Essential Oil

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So far we have talked about some of the popular single oils that Young Living offers in the all new Premium Starter Kit.  Purification is also an essential oil blend.  When I first started using essential oils, I didn’t know there were single oils, blends, or oil-infused supplements.  And I didn’t … Read More

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Young Living Pepperment Field

By now I hope you are becoming a little more comfortable just opening your oils, experiencing each of them and diffusing. Each one of us will have a different response to the oils.  So be patient with yourself and enjoy the process. There is a lot to learn and an … Read More

Lavender Essential Oil

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You’ve begun to explore a very exciting addition to your lifestyle; pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Open your diffuser, read the directions (they differ) and plug it in.  Open your Lavender and inhale.  Give yourself a minute, slow down.  Just release everything; relax your mind.  Just breathe. Add 1 to … Read More

Lemon Essential Oil

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Yes!  Your beautiful Young Living box has arrived.  Well, what are you waiting for “open it”!  Undo all that exceptional care that has gone into packing your oils.  Did you know Young Living has even considered the paper source for their packaging?  Every detail of purity from Seed to Seal has been … Read More